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If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I wore these cowboy boots for an entire week. I bought them at Salvation Army for $14.99 in the summer, specifically to wear at Pemberton Music Fest (along with some other pieces that I ended up ditching, in favour of a bikini-and-shorts-combo that I wore every day during the festival).
I've been sleeping at my boyfriend's family's place for the past few weeks, with some intermittent nights at my apartment. Avry says nobody minds, but this is getting ridiculous.

My classes have begun, and I have a lot of reading to catch up on, mainly Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen, and Paradise Lost by John Milton. I'm in three English courses this term, and two Creative Writing classes (Intro to Screenwriting and Intro to Fiction). I'm basically taking CrWr for the credits and as GPA boosters. (Woah, fancy abbreviations!)

I will hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in May of this year.
A lot has happened.

Do you think about that sometimes? The fact that a lot has happened before you were even able to process it all?

Every night, when I close my eyes (in Avry's arms I lay), I can't help but run through the entire day of social interactions between myself and others, actions made by myself and others, words said and unsaid, and even something as trivial as how I looked as I walked through a door, stepped on the bus, did I smile? did I stutter when I replied to my professor's question? should I raise my hand less? or more?

But in the end it's all futile, because as soon as I tire myself out and fall asleep, the new day begins and everything that has occurred yesterday will disintegrate into the past.
They say, "Never look back".

I say, "Look both ways before crossing."



  1. OMG! thanks for leaving a comment in my blog, i haven't read yours for a long time too. You're looking really stylish and edgy as usual, love the hat! Hope you do well in your exams! Lets keep in touch via blogs and stuff… xD made my dayyy

  2. your shoes are really cool.
    and the hat is also really nice!


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