Chinatown Mall (SPRING 2015)

N8NE at Chinatown Mall
Chinatown is a celebrated cultural hub of hybridized activity, and home to many Vancouverites. The locals have come to associate this historic neighbourhood with cheap eats, unique finds, strolls around Sun Yat-Sen Garden, the sweetly pungent smell of herb medicine shops, funky clothing stores, and of course weekend nights at Fortune Sound Club (followed by a subsequent stop at McDonald's).

And now Chinatown Mall comes home to Fortune for their spring season. Happy New Year, bae!

If you haven't heard about this pop-up marketplace yet, you've probably been living without WiFi for a very long time, and I feel sad for you.

Chinatown Mall curates rare selections from local streetwear brands, designers, artists, as well as individual collections of novelty goods, vintage and new apparel... bringing them all to you for $2 entry. I'll spot you a toonie if you'll buy something of mine. I'm not joking. For individuals (like me) who only have a small amount of clothing to sell, you can apply for Twenty Racks, which is completely free.

Did I mention there's a fashion show by Vancity Tribe, a video installation by ROOM, and coffee, too? All that for a toonie.

F as in Frank at Chinatown Mall
Chinatown Mall has been around the block and back (literally), and I can't wait to check out what Coco, the creative director, has got in store for us this season. Why not support your local emerging brands and individuals?

Sell your own goods. Shop at Chinatown Mall (they have four seasonal sales per year)!

All photos above from Chinatown Mall's Tumblr.
The corporate wheel of mainstream retail and homogenized "fast fashion" can be popped today -- or, rather on March 15 from 12-8 PM at Fortune Sound.

We've come a long way from Abercrombie & Fitch. Unless that's "in" again. Seriously though, Tommy Hilfiger's made a comeback, and I don't know what's going on anymore.

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  1. Lovely post. The clothes are pretty cool. They are in fashionable street style.


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