Please sit with us, I'm only wearing this shirt Ironically

TOPS brandy melville / JACKET used house of vintage / SOCKS and SCRUNCHIE american apparel / TIGHTS topshop / SHOES thrifted / BACKPACK secondhand
Sometimes I can fully feel my presence in the moment; everything is clear and the air around me registers my physical body. Sometimes I don't have complete control over myself; my mind is elsewhere and my mouth runs on empty. My past begins leaking into my present.
Can you picture the ones who hurt you in this present moment? Do you see them as who they used to be, or who they are now? Are they still the same person; are you still the same person? How can you ever know?

Two exams to go before I'm finished with my undergrad! I'M SO OLD OMG GAHHHH IS THIS A DREAM OR A NIGHTMARE *loud incoherent screeching noises*

Okay, anyway, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you're doing at the moment and if you know a magic spell to freeze/go back in time, let me know, because I'm turning 22 in six months and my life is gonna go downhill from there, from what I've heard. Stay awesome.

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  1. 22 is awesome!!! I'm like... 26. LOL. Man. I feel OLD.

    Anyway, I LOVE your hip look! <3



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