I feel like up until now, my life has been a complete joke.

Every day my head gets a little clearer.

Thank God I'm still alive 'cause I really didn't think I'd last this long. Also, smoking is a really bad habit -- please don't start. Yeah, I'm talking to you.

I'll quit smoking when I turn 25.

Spent the last month and a half selling Moneris machines using business-to-business marketing, which means walking quite a lot. There's a line separating my toes from the rest of my feet from me wearing the same flats in the sun every day. I'm straight-up brown right now, except for my chest, which is still pretty pale, and of course my toes.

I quit on Monday.

Right now, I have enough money to last me 'til August. I'll find a mindless job before then and focus on my art (said every creative post-grad ever).

But seriously though.


  1. Wurk wurk wurk it. Hustle till you can't no more! You've got it girl! :D

    From Likkie

  2. hey Sunny. Sorry for creeping on your post so late. I am really glad to see that you are thinking of quitting smoking. I think quitting would help save money and be better for your health.

    Just to let you know (if you live in BC Canada), there is a Smoking Cessation program. The government subsidizes medications (e.g. nicotine replacement therapy) to help people quit smoking if they are uncomfortable stopping cold turkey. You can just drop by any pharmacy any time and ask them for more information if you want.


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