Straight Chillin': Matt and Some Seagulls, Y'all

Remember when I used to be cool and post photos and write stuff on my blog all the time?

Yeah, me neither.

This should be called "Matt and The Big Door" and put on the cover of a children's book.

These are some action shots. I took all of these the day before leaving for Toronto on September 4th. I'm so lame it took me more than two months to edit them. I guess it's because I have what you would call A Life now.

I have this thing for seagulls. Always have, and always will.

Featured above are two loaves of bread, enjoying the sporadic spots of sunshine on this beautiful Vancouver day, two months ago.

Things I Am Excited About:
- becoming the next Natalie Portman, but Asian
- the day people stop comparing me to Lucy Liu
- my future death
- the release of a friend's short film (because I am in it) even though IDK when that will be
- auditions, auditions, auditions
- receiving my money from all the background work I've been doin'
- having consistent background work for December and January
- writing a screenplay, possibly
- buying more of these packs of spicy tofu snax 'cause I bought 6 packs a week ago and finished the last one today and I still have a craving


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