Just a Lil Update For You Stalkers Out There

In case you haven't noticed, my Instagram is now named NoBangsClub, but, more importantly, I'm the new poster girl for nicotine addiction in 8 Reasons Not to Smoke:

I also photographed and covered Big Wild, Hayden James, and Odezsa at the Commodore Ballroom for Creep Magazine a month ago. Below are some photos that didn't make the cut.
Hayden James

Last but not least, here's a song from a band that fell apart within a week. But it's okay because I'm working on music by myself now (if by working, I mean "procrastinating on working", then yup). It just takes time, and other things have been preoccupying me as of late. I really have to use my time more wisely, choose who I spend time with, and allot myself time to work on my own shit.

Anyway, wish me luck, I have a real audition Thursday with a real casting director.

P.S. Acting classes are expensive but I'm gonna do 'em! I'll be taking Jeb Beach's Back to Booking starting on the 14th as well as attending Cold Read Workouts with Henry Mah once a month. I'll be at some fancy shmancy Actor's Workshop Canada masterclass on the 16th and 17th, which cost a fortune as well. I'm gonna be really busy and poor this year (but what else is new), yay.

P.P.S. I've recently started working coatcheck intermittently at Vancouver Art and Leisure. I really love the team and what they do for the community. Check out their upcoming event, The ABC's Episode Two. I probably won't make it in to work because the masterclass starts at 9am sharp the next day, but I wish I was working! I love doing coatcheck. Hire me for coatcheck, I'm really good at it.



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