LA Trip Explanation + Photoshoot at The Candy Aisle

Photography by Ashley Sandhu (Facebook/Instagram)
As you may know from following my Instagram, I traveled to Los Angeles for one week with two of my friends a couple months ago. This post is not about that trip. Even though I had planned on reminiscing the many stories from L.A. with you, dear readers, I can only say this: life is about the Now, and I have to start living In This Moment.

There are a lot more things I need to write down, more important things -- lines for song lyrics, stream of consciousness during moments of self-realization, ideas for short films, instant contributions via social media that dismantle the heteronormative white supremacist patriarchy, and so on. Now I have to start writing for the girls who live in the Now: girls of colour, girls working in the creative industry, Asian aspiring actresses, girls who grew up living more than one culture, girls who feel confined in their identities, femme-identifying individuals... the confused young girl I used to be, who I am still struggling with today.

I have to start writing things that produce change in the way girls are viewed in society and media, especially girls of colour, specifically Asian girls. I shall refer you to this collective to get started (SAD ASIAN GIRLS CLUB).

I have to continue to learn and execute my crafts, whether it be producing/composing music, writing prose/poetry/lyrics, acting (it's not just acting, it's learning to accept myself), and I have to continue to be open to the New (new people, new friends, new directions) even though I have been hurt in the past. And I have to continue to grow.
If you hold the same beliefs as I do, and want to create something with me, please shoot me an email at "sunny.mimi.chen@hotmail.com". Once I finish my rough draft for the short film I want to direct, I will definitely be contacting people who are (or should be) interested.

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