steven burns from Blue's Clues did not OD from heroin and die; he's an indie artist now.

went out with my fam (meaning sister and mom like usual. I never really see my dad at all come to think of it. He works nightshifts and sleeps during the day).

So, the first picture is of my outfit yay: lace top, skinnies, american eagle heels. (i can't believe they're from AE either!) The second picture shows how annoying my little sister can be, and just more random photos. I was really bored okay. Was waiting for my mom to come out of the changeroom in H&M and i know that could take a while.

these headbands were some of the stuff I bought; adorable, no? Channeling Blair Waldorf... (I hate how obsessed I am with Gossip Girl; I promised myself I'd never be one of those girls.. but yes, I realize I am. The guys on the show are hot! At least I'm not pining for an now overly buff 17 year old actor portraying a werewolf... or some unhygenic British dude named Rob). Anyway, I also got a great heather grey v-neck (so soft!), a 3/4 sleeve raglan shirt to add to my collection of raglan shirts (in love with them right now. very tomboyish but versatile too), some Clinique cosmetics for my face, an oversized bubble cardigan, and a slouchy grey tank/dress. I'm thinking about fall, and how I can mix and match with new things.

I'm very upset that school starts in a week and a half. It seems like I did nothing at all this summer. But on the upside, GRADE ELEVEN MUAHA. Something to look forward to. I'll be a junior! I'll learn how to drive!

Sad thing is I got accepted for this IB program at my school, and after the interviews, the application filling, and selecting all my courses, I still don't feel.. secure. I just don't want to have to suffer during my last two years of school. I'm honoured that I got in, yes, but is this really what I want?

How are you guys feeling about back to school? Or rather, the end of the glorious summer?

I will leave you all with this hook, and will keep blogging.. until I get swamped with schoolwork in September.

(Woah. This is the longest post i've ever written about..nothing in particular. I guess I really defined the term "rambling on". Sorry, all.)


  1. Everyone I know who did IB said it was pretty difficult but maybe they were just bragging. :) I'm sure you'll be fine!

  2. HI luv, dis is DOOOOM
    Thank you so much for the lovely post on my blog-your style is fab and please keep coming back. I will be giving some stuff away in the upcoming months, and of course featuring my jewelry over on Jane's blog Sea of Shoes :)

  3. Aww cute pictures and yes sisters can be annoying and you don't know how happy I am that your not one of those girls that scream for a glitter vampire lol I love GG too

    oh and I'm sorta excited for college but i dont look forward to all the work I'll get D:
    An i felt like i didn't even complete my summer to do list lol

  4. Love the shoes and those Blair Waldorf headbands :]

  5. lovely headbands :)
    i have very similar shoes.

  6. beautiful blog :D

  7. I used to have those same shoes. Cute headband.

  8. Shoes are amzaing.,!
    And love love love red headbands.,!
    Good outfit.


  9. i love that top - great colour x

  10. i looked up about Steve Burns last year and found his myspcae and everything, haha!
    i think it's, "Steve and the Struggling"...something like that!

    your pics are rockin'!

    and yea, heard IB was hard and unneccessary...even from teachers!
    but good luck!

    it IS an honor!

  11. Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    - Daniel


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