we sure are cute for two ugly people.

when i came down to the computer room, my sister was watching a youtube video that was shot, seemingly, in the dark. i asked her what she was watching, curious, because she IS an 8 year old after all, and she should be watching... um, Blue's Clues... no, um, a show that was shot in good lighting at least. It turns out that she was watching an artist who draws in his sleep.

His name is Lee Hadwin.

Some of his works, all done while he was asleep:

check out his bio. Like, a sleepdrawer? sleeppainter? whatever he is, he is amazing.

Lee Hadwin


  1. that's interesting....

    I wonder how he became like that . sort of like sleep walking except with his hands. lol

  2. thank you so much for the lovely comment! : ) you're so sweet! Hope to talk to you more! : )

  3. yeah i know, i can't imagine paying that much for a dress! =/ unless maybe i'm like super duper RICH!


  4. Wow, that sleep artist is amazing! What a talent!

  5. love the outfit - very summer casual x

  6. love the shirt
    but thats interesting to be able to draw in his sleep, i secretly wanted to be able to do that

  7. Wow! I wonder how he started doing that, it's crazy, but his work is amazing!

  8. thats soo interesting. thats such a unique thing to do and i def wanna check it out more

  9. I so love that first pic of your sister's shoes and your toe..love the heels!

  10. Thank you so much for the sweet note. Most of the characters are mine.

    At moment I'm mostly devoted to writing about Sebastian and Anita...if that helps.

    Stay your artistic self!

  11. wow, i think all i may do in my sleep is snore!

    i have an award for you on my latest post http://blog.futurehippie.com/

    you rock!!!

  12. that is amazing, I guess the only time he could be doing that is deep sleep, when he is totally out of it.

  13. Thanks for the mention and comments! Lee Hadwin :-)


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