first day of school.

today sucked. it's going to be a boring year, i just know it. my classes are.. what can i say, bland? terribly uninteresting? i'm guessing getting a GED online doesn't suck this bad. maybe i'll change my mind tomorrow, when i have english and psych? there are not many new guys either. and the few new guys we have aren't very cute. Auuugh save me. A trip to the thrift store might help, but I'm still trying to be a Saver, not a Spender. Yadayadayada economic recession blah.

so, I need to post my outfits down so you readers will have something pretty to look at.

for the Metro Trip, this is what I wore:

I went with the lovely Michiko of Sugar Sugar. OH so we rode the bus home, and we got hit by a van. which sucked. police came. ambo came. we had to walk a looong way to get to a friend's house. which also sucked. and i was late 3 hours for work. and... you guessed it... IT SUCKED! buuut on the upside, i didn't buy anything at Metrotown but two face masks, and food! .. but when we had to walk to a M.'s friend's house, i stopped by the Thrift Store and picked up some stuff, mainly because my feet were killing me (bought a pair of ALDO flats) also saw this cute denim vest and leopard pants that I knew would look good on me.

now for another outfit.
went to VV with this outfit. i feel much more green, thaaanks. do you like these sandals? I don't know how i feel about them just yet.
my parents are trying to buy a new house near the school, and they have to get so much money from loans just to buy it. we have a huge huge huge debt already and still, they are just dumb enough to keep spending. when are they going to pay it off? this sounds kinda like me. well, i'm a chip off the old block. and when they do get their loans & buy the house, my dad will be flying off to china again for who knows how long. this just makes me feel so much better.
good night.


  1. It's a shame the classes aren't more fun for you but just think how much your outfits are cheering others up!

  2. I love both looks! LOVELOVE them!
    your blog's amazing
    &thanks for the comment!

  3. your glasses are also really nice! *heart*

    I'm assuming you are in highschool...you must persevere. I only just graduated last June and I remember how horrible those four years were. But they were also some of the most exciting years of my life too, so make the best of them!

  5. Thank you for your kind comment and the award, you are a doll! I love all of your outfits too. Very inspirational and fashion forward

  6. you have cool style! i love those glasses

  7. Oh those sandals are so twisted!! I LOVE IT!!

    One Love,

  8. The story of a little girl name Ling


    Nice to meet you.. I'm Stephen

  9. Aw well the days will get better i hope...just remember one thing there is still time for transfer students(the guys) to come so there is still hope :]
    Sorry to hear bout the ambulance thing tho but at least u got stuffs from it.. oh an those shoes idk how i feel about them lol i like em and then i dont :o

  10. hmm...sounds like it sucked! you look fierce though

  11. Thank you for visiting http://www.mattressesandmetal.blogspot.com
    p.s. I'm like in my 3rd week of school and I want out already

  12. I go to a consignment called Crave, where I have found like all my clothes in my wardrobe but my favorite ones are my Prada shoes, YSL heels, coach leather bag, and my Louis Vuitton shirt. I also go to a place called the Snob Shop where I've gotten some of my other clothes

  13. 寶寶~~
    no worries.. 老年金!
    一定會幫你喔! ❤
    my sced isnn't even finished either (= =)~~ im going insane 哈哈..
    我知道..一個帥哥也沒有 (><)
    好傷心..但是.. 我見到多新人.. 不錯丫~

  14. too bad for your class :( hey i super love your first look ! you look super stylish :D and i love your leopard pants !

    btw , sad to hear that you were bullied . :( and thanks for your lovely comment !

  15. i love how u can throw on all these prints and still look cool! :)



  16. I looove your glasses. Are they prescription?

  17. I love your eclectic taste in clothes! So cool!


  18. Love your plaid skirt, you look adorable!


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