with her hand in the flame.

i skipped church today ): i had to stay home to do my schoolwork (stupid chem questions! auugh i so do not understand it) and my mom got really angry at me. sigh. c'est la vie.

Gossip girl, season 3. Holla.

Anyway. I'm posting before going to bed. it's so early. i feel like such a nerd trying to sleep at 10 now. :S

hey look minnie ears.
i think my parents are mad at me. my dad has taken to yelling at me, and my mom: ignoring me. but i'm sorta mad at them too. so it all works out.
if anyone has any questions about the music in my blog, or what clothes i'm wearing, or just you know, questions, feel free to ask!
i'm almost at 20 followers! mini-milestone! thank you, guuuuuys :3 i heart you all.


  1. i lurrrve miso soup. oh man asian parents have the weirdest way of showing anger. yelling - i'm sorry but children aren't farm animals. and ignoring - again we have feelings. lol.

  2. Cute Mini Mouse hair band. Hope school is going well for you, Mimi! I see you like The Moldy Peaches, they are quite enjoyable. What other bands do you like?

  3. I love your blog and your brave style. I never wear like you, because I will be afraid about people opinion. They aren't original in my town and if someone is differnt they have stupid reactions. I don't understand that.
    Can you watch in your country Gossip Girl 3?
    We don't have even Gossip Girl 2, it's really upset.

    P.S I can't speak English very well :) I hope you understand it.

  4. Gossip girl. Tonight. So excited.

    And sorry to hear about your family... I hope things smooth out for you

  5. wow hope everything will be okay with your parents ! and i want to watch gossip girl . uhuhu . btw , i'm your 20th follower ! :D

  6. cute minnie ears! and love that first pic, the black lippy is fantastticcccc.

    xx raez

  7. post ur ragglong(?) shirt picture up;; so i get the heck what u are talking bout keke~~
    ( i know where all ur clothes come from~~~~ willoughbrook XDDDDDD)

  8. Oh dear! The trials and tribulations of being a teenager. Don't worry about your parents - everything will resolve itself, I promise.

    In the meantime, keep rockin' those Minnie ears.

  9. love leighton's black lipstick :) love the minnie ears too

  10. aww, mini mouse... ur such a cutey! love the leighton meester pose!! tres fab!
    yah, c'est la vie love!

  11. mimi where's your new post ?! haha . because i want to see your new look :)

  12. i haven't seen the beautiful life yet, i'll have to check it out. :)♥

  13. Holy shit, that photo of Leighton and Ed is stunning!


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