victor & rolf (SS2010)


anyhoo, there was an IB field trip today (yay hooray!) and it was so amazingly fun. we ran around Crescent Beach and just chilled and scavenger-hunted and did our own thing. had some yummy sushi for lunch w/ my pals Krys, Ellana, and Haruna. Wish I brought my fricking camera! i wanted to take some photos for you guys haha, since the beach was so beautiful in the morning, and even more beautiful in the afternoon.

i bought this shirt the other day.

i feel like a child. a nerdy one, at that.

hooray for mario!

i have my bday party on sat! we're going to the opening of forever21 at metro (FINALLY!) then taking le skytrain to coquitlam to spend the day idly.


  1. Hooray for feeling like a nerdy kid! That really is the best feeling, after everything.

    Dope plans for your birthday too! Have fun, take lots o' pictures!


  2. V&R was pretty darn fanatastic, and so are you! cutest tee, love it.

    xx raez

  3. Whoa, took me about a quadruple-take to clock that dress. amazing. last year i caught the viktor and rolf show at the barbican in london. it was awesome, but i wish i could have seen this there! (would obv have been impossible but if you're making dresses like that i guess expectations rise up a bit...)

  4. i love mario! i am really addicted to the nintendo games...

    thanks for your comments.

  5. Your T-Shirt is very pretty!

  6. hehe That t-shit remind me my chilhood playing with Mario... I loved that game!!

    you look great! :)


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