16000+ words. i know, very slow progress, but i blame it on school. i will blame anything on school.

Smartset cropped sweater, DIY Old Navy tee and slouchy tank, Sirens woven skirt

finally felt well enough again to make an effort of dressing myself for school today. layered on so much clothing cuz it was cold hehe.

well, i gotta get back to writing? and/or procrastinating on hw... Remembrance Day tmr.

"Sacrifice" from Soldier Poetry of the Second World War
The boy lay in the German mud.
His uniform was soaked in blood.
There wasn't anything to say,
So silently we turned away.

He used to talk a lot of home;
The Rockies and their snow-capped dome.
He loved the view at Lake Louise,
The quiet waters and the trees.

He knew the prairies, vast and wide;
The rippling wheat fields were his pride.
He loved the thunder, loud and deep
Niagara; majestic, steep.

He loved the streets of Montreal;
The hurry, bustle, noise and all.
He loved the misty Maritimes;
The ocean and their changing climes.

He loved the same as you and I,
And for his love he chose to die.
The things he loved, no more he'll see,
But for his sacrifice, would we?

J. M. P.
Belgian: Vol. III, No. 6, pg. 2
March 31, 1945

"The Redeemed" (excerpt)
"Marching to glory, with a rifle and kit,
One of a million to do his bit.
I stood out there with my shoulder straight,
'Till he passed from sight, through the station gate.
And perhaps he'll come back when the battle is won,
Praise be to God, my son, my son."

J. W. R.
W. Europe: Vol. III, No. 95, pg. 4
July 14, 1945

November 11th. Remember.


  1. that is such a rich shade of green!

  2. i always blame school. love your outfit!


  3. sound advice about remembering.

  4. man I hate school :)
    but ur outfit is cute that's all that matters!

  5. so pretty! i love all these outfits, looking great!

    xx raez

  6. Wow, the music that pops on when I click on your blog nearly gave me a heart attack! You look pretty.

  7. Isabel: Oh deer, hahahaha. I'm sorry!
    I mean, Yeah I did it on purpose, to warn readers of my blog and its horrors beforehand. (;

  8. haha i hate school! but ur outfit are cute <3


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