it's colder here.

hmm been feeling a little down lately. i think it's the weather.
i needed a drastic change so i cut my hair.

people told me i looked asian. i said i am asian. they nodded and gave me a thumbs up.
what is that supposed to mean?!
anyway, it's almost christmas so i'm trying to think of presents. but somehow i get distracted by the thought of the amount of homework i still need to do by tomorrow. then i break down, and write my whole agenda out onto my palm to organize what i still need to do, and what i can leave for tuesday. then i try to calm down by thinking of happy things like christmas and shopping and presents.

this is called the Cycle of Trying to Not Think About Homework.

voici mon amour, haruna. she has a blog too. http://milkcaramelincanada.blogspot.com/
she's an international student from japan: she came to canada when she was 16, and had to start a whole new life here. i think that's pretty brave. i love her, and .. well, now our hair matches. the end.

ps. i'm currently keeping a diary for a friend of mine. we're writing for each other, everything we can't say or express, onto these margin-lined papers; then we're going to meet up in january (hopefully) to swap. i think maybe you guys should do this too, with someone special.


  1. Lovely post! Good luck with school! Keep it up. Holidays are almost here!


  2. oh i cant imagine starting a new life. that is very brave of her !

    and the hair cut looks nice : )

    and I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT DUDE. i'm going crazy with hmwrk and christmas ... GAAAH. they should just let us out of school a month earlier so we can get christmas shopping done. they dont realize that its just as stressful as hmwrk (well ... sorta).


  3. loving the first pic! great photos.

  4. christmas is THE best time of the year ...
    but its in the middle of exams.
    at least it makes winter a little easier to deal with


  5. pretty. :)

    that diary idea sounds fantastic! I used to do something similar in the past. I miss doing that.. should start again.

    and reading your info on the side.. literature? I'm a literature major, haha. what kind of literature? ;)

  6. Cute hair!!! Go Asians!!! Whoooooot!

  7. "I am Asian". Haha, obviously! That is pretty hilarious. Your hair look excellent though, pretty sure that's what they really meant to say.


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