i know it seems as though i don't focus on literature as much as other topics on this blog, but truly, i'm a writer (however amateur) at heart. recently, i tried the Nanowrimo contest and .. well, failed. But I did get 25, 000 words by 15 days. Then quit. Cuz I'm lame and stupid and in IB.


I guess the novel I was supposed to be writing wasn't supposed to be good, it's just supposed to fill up 2000 word count every day (on top of homework, choir, piano, and whatever else). So it's not good. OH, and I couldn't finish it!

Okay let's not focus too much on my failure, I guess.


Here are a few excerpts:

“What happened?”

“What the fuck do you think happened?”

“Did someone try to stab you or something?”

“Yes,” The sarcasm in Clara’s voice did not appease Hollis one bit. “Yes, someone stabbed me. I am on a fucking black list. God, what do you think happened?”

The connotations in that sentence sent tingles up her neck and down Hollis’s spine. “You mean…? This is the second time, Clara.”


Clara held her left arm in excruciating pain, the blood flowing freely into the bathroom sink, staining the white porcelain into a deep, luxurious red; she had tried to wrap toilet paper over it, but failed miserably. Her tired eyes closed, and a river of fresh tears flowed down her pale cheeks. “Fuck, my mascara is running.” Her voice trembled and cracked as she spoke, and Clara hated this sign of weakness. “Can you get me my makeup bag from my purse? Yeah, it’s in that pocket there.”

“Jesus Christ, Clara,” breathed Hollis, her tone chiding but soft. “Tell me who did this to you.” She searched haphazardly in Clara’s large tote for the makeup. A tiny bag was produced, carrying all of Clara’s must-have essentials: Volumizing mascara, concealer, blush, eyelash curler, glittery eyeshadow, non-glittery eyeshadow, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, white eyeliner, and of course, makeup remover.

Before handing the bag over to Clara, Hollis looked into her friend’s eyes and demanded gently, “Tell me.”

Clara sniffled and ran her unharmed hand through her wavy hair, still shaking. “No.”

Clara snatched up her makeup bag and turned away from Hollis and towards the mirror. Her complexion formed a ghostly image floating in the mirror, and Clara wiped her face dry with light strokes. She newly applied her makeup, and a few minutes later, she looked absolutely normal.

The trailing scar on her arm told a much different story.
CONGRATS to my friend Vrindy who actually succeeded in finishing nano. But then she neglected her hw. So I guess it's a win-lose situation.

(Crap I just spilled some honey mustard sauce on the keyboards. Trying to eat subway and blog at the same time = disastrous. = =)

well, today at 12:30, i'm going to be on a bus on the way to the Orpheum Theatre to sing Messiah by Handel with my chamber choir. Not exactly looking forward to singing an 100-page music piece, but then, it'll be a good experience... right now, I should be going to bed.



  1. I love to write! I am happy that you do, too!


  2. writing... is :)
    ah, I tried nano once, totally failed.
    maybe I'll try it again one year.
    but I'm glad you did it at all! congrats! just trying is still great.

  3. i actually love messiah by handel ... although it is a bit creepers. (am i thinking of the right song? ... i'm not that musical)


  4. Oh man, I could NEVER do that! At least you attempted.

  5. doesn't matter if you failed or not :) you did a good job nonetheless.

  6. Arhh you look cute. And my nickname is actually Mimi, so that makes you even cooler;)

  7. I love your blog full of mystery don’t know what I’ll see next, I love all your content and every single pic you feature I love it definitely a follower , take care love your blog!

  8. I wish I could wright as well as you do

  9. hello mimi... thx for visited my blog... i luv u'r blog... ill follow u.. ok...


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