i'm making a new header for myself! haha i can never just stay with one header for too long. anyway, if anyone wants me to make one for them, just give me a shout! kay? i'll be glad to help out.

lacy undershirt: Urban Behaviour, henley: Urban Planet, skirt: Dorothy Perkins && my bangs are getting too long! NO! should i grow them out or get them trimmed?!

wow i'm so narcissistic today, eh? four photos of me in one sitting! wooh i'm sorry for your eyes combusting upon viewing these! just don't mail me your doctors' bills and i'll be happy.

i was browsing Lovelyish.com, a blog where you can sign up and comment or post about things like fashion, beauty, celebrity sightings and random crap like period pain as well haha. this is one i want to share:
hahaha = =

neutral tuesday
i'm so jealous of this girl. hyoni's style seems so effortless! it's as if she rolled out of bed in the morning and pretty clothes just stuck onto her like magnets...

Loeffler Randall
I really want these. Maybe when I'm older. And richer.

thought of the day: i want to be a first lady.

Michelle Obama: Look at how gorgeous and happy I am! Oh, and my husband is a stud.
Carla Bruin-Sarkozy: Okay, I've done the modeling thing and the musician thing. Now I'm married to a president.

JEALOUS?!! yeah i am. well then. off to do some last minute hw!!! .. sigh.

EDIT- I'm making headers for:
elmol0v3.blogspot.com emailed!
niceandshiny.blogspot.com emailed!
stellectism.blogspot.com emailed!

Anyone else? Leave a comment && ask!

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  1. hell yeah who wouldn't want to be in their shoes..I love this picture of them both!!
    so true that hyoni chick has got some serious style and cute skirt you're wearing there :)

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE hyoni, she is such a beauty, AND an asian model. I WISH I WERE ASIAN MODEL ! tall and thinnnnn.

    oh. that made me LAUGH. the thong in hair thing, thats kind of awkward. like ... yeaah. ... i put that on my butt ... and not its like, on my head ... imagine it accidentally fell off in the hallways of school and you didnt realize it! ahahah.


  3. I love that girl's style!


  4. Sooo wierd about the header thing cos i was just thinking today how I desparatley need a new header/layout. Care to make one for me ;)

    ps- Was TOTALLY going to blog about Jem soon! I might still, but I promise I wasn't copying you!!


  5. i love the mixed prints in your outfit! and i'm so flattered that you used my hyoni collage! she has such incredibly style... looove!



    1) Boots Sam Edelman, bought off Victoria Secret sale 2 years ago

    2) See this post http://niceandshiny.blogspot.com/2009/11/lets-have-some-fun-this-beat-is-sick.html

    3) Uuuuuurm, I've got no clue what I want on my header! Maybe I'll try a few ideas myself and get back to you ;) Thanks dollface!


  7. That is a great skirt..awesome header too.

  8. you got an awesome header! would love to get one from you one day (: hyoni style is definitey fab! effortlessly chic!

  9. Haha, narcissism FTW!! Just kidding. I love model style too.

  10. i absolutely do not mind you posting my collage -- honestly! it makes me feel appreciated hahah
    i looove your new header -- its so pretty


  11. oh my god, i'm so thrilled when i saw you added me to your 'heading-making-list' ! thanks heaps girl! and many thanks for those warm comments you left. very nice to know you! tons of love <3

  12. amazing pics.
    i love all the looks.

  13. Those Loeffler Randall booties are to die for. They did a diy for them in Teen Vogue a month or two ago.

  14. the girl whose hair you said you like has a blog! you might already know it already, but check out 4thandbleekeragency.blogspot.com she's stunning!!


  15. Great vingtage skirt! So cute with that shirt!

    I would love a header! I'm getting bored with my old one, and I need something more fun!

    email me at jenniferlinno@gmail.com
    check out my blog at http://jennysopencloset.blogspot.com/

    I'm definately following your blog!

  16. so much this post, but i especially love that modest little collage, it's awesome and those socky black boots are killer

  17. Oh boy, that outfit of yours is MAJOR cute. And I love the pics of that girl, she really looks cute! xx

  18. so her name is hyoni ? omg, i love her so much !!!!!!!!!

  19. juuust letting you know that i LOVE the photos on your sidebar. the first one is so alluring


  20. Hi Mimi! Thank you soo much for your lovely comments! I love your new header, and the pictures on the side of your page! I also love all the nude color sweaters!

    I got aquaphor from Target (I'm not sure if you have that in Canada)


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