Samson, ate a slice of wonderbread


Thanks to a reader, I'm now listening to Regina Spektor all the time. Yaaay. Her music is very different, and her videos are definitely trippy. I added a few into my 'iPod' on the right side if you want to check it out (:

I couldn't leave it like this, so I added more stuff to it:
just updating you guys on some crappy drawings i made. the last 2nd is for a friend. he lives all the way in Vancouver, so I had to mail him something. I drew it on the envelope.. then realized that I didn't have a place to put the address... = = So I wrote the address on the back... Hope it made it there safely... Although it took more than the "2 days" the postoffice guy told me. And I paid $12 for it too! Canada Post sucks. Totally ripped me off, i'm just a poor innocent snailmail-virgin.

Walmart sweater, gifted leggings, Gianni Bini heels

my bestie, Krys, got me this strapless lbd! thank you (: haha, and thanks, Flora, for taking these photos. OH and I want my magazines back, kthxbai. (; jkjk. Keep them. I'll keep nagging you however.

Walmart cropped pea coat (ew i returned it; it looked good but was really scratchy -- I'd rather have something with good quality than something cheap), thrifted lbd, Urban Behaviour geek vest, DIY thigh highs (really I just cut it, put little elastics in, and hemmed it...), Joe Fresh heels

Sorry about the overload of pictures but there were a lot of parties... and a lot of outfits to wear to those parties... I'll post more later!

yeah.. we're just a bunch of creeps running around at night.. the party was really boring so we just took a walk kinda = =

more stuff coming. soon. but i have:
1) Hamlet essay (1500 words)
2) Bio study guide (ONE FUCKING UNIT augh i wanna die)
3) French novel questions (Le Petit Prince)
to do. Erm, to start doing. And finish. By Monday. OMFGGG@!#!$^%&#


  1. i read your title & instantly thought yay for regina spektor! she does make beautiful music :)

  2. Your drawings are really nice !! I love your red pumps !
    Thanks for your nice comment ! Your french is pretty good !!

  3. Those are some amazing drawings! I wish I could draw like that!

  4. You musta loved that Converse ad too, eh? :)

    Love the first outfit combo especially! I wish I could wear white but it honestly makes me look like a walking orange. Or like I have jaundice, depending on the lighting. :/

    -Kiki xo


  5. Yay!

    I'm glad you are listening to Regina Specktor! I thought you might like her. :)

    Mail is a little expensive. *sigh* Canada post, why do you hate us all?!

    Good luck with your Hamlet essay. <3

  6. oh i love the first outfit - great shoes. and i'm a huge fan of regina spektor her voice is amazing

  7. I just have to say that you have absolutely stunning style - I find it impossible to resist. Happy, Happy New Year my love!! :)


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