black & white.

lace top: thrifted. liquid leggings: sirens. tank: old navy.

suspenders: american apparel, ruffle top and gold belt: joe fresh, pants: thrifted

I realize I don't take pictures of my shoes anymore... Probably because I'm too lazy to go outside and grab my shoes, put it on, and snap another picture. I'll describe them to you, however: black work boots with the first outfit, and lowtop converse with the second.

Day Two of Week #21, blogging at 1900 hours:
Starting une Carte Mentale for le classe Francais, et je suis pushing aside all other homework until after 9 pm. Erm, I mean, 2100 hours.


Look here! Haha, made you look. (:

No really, look here:

Taylor Momsen is so gorgeous, n'est pas? Good luck to her! She's got many more years ahead of her, and I'm sure she's taking in everything she can.

(Oh, these pics remind me that I still need to go buy: a leather jacket, studded heels, baggy stripped shirt, proper thigh highs, a peplum dress [a lil mesh would be nice], and cool lennon sunnies ... or aviators since I lost mine.)

Lot's of love, and love lots,


  1. awesome outfits. I especially love suspenders. reminds me of misty from pokemon :) I once spray-painted black suspenders to try to get them orange... didn't work really and it never washed out. oh well!

    and loove black and white outfits!

  2. Oh, I like the cuffed pants. Also the bright red belt!

    I know what you mean about not showing shoes! I can sometimes be a big germ freak (it comes and goes), and I hate having to wipe down my floor after taking outfit shots with shoes on. It's easier to just keep them off! :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  3. loving this! your suspenders are sick;)

    xx raez

  4. HEEEEHEE. you're so nerdy.

    i really love taylor momsen, it kinda freaks me out cos like, she's was ABOUT to become hannah montanna or something. AND OHMYGOSH ! hannah montanna would be SOOO scandolous if she were HM.

    and i completely understand, friends is such a strange term. apart from the few best friends i know are true, the other friends i hang out with, i'm never sure if the bond between would break in a moment. people are people, and its kinda scary.

    life freaks me out.

    AND I'M NOT 18 YET. i'm not that old : ( will be in like ... 2 months.

  5. u look really good! and yeah - taylor is just perfect!

  6. there's something in your outfit that totally captured my attention, the red suspender! ubber cool! you ruffles top also very pretty <3

  7. totally love the ruffled top with suspenders. awesome!


  8. Red suspenders and Taylor Momsen = love! Such a fabulous post!! :)


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