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God, weather, stop playing your tricks on me. I'm getting a little frisky. If you don't smarten up (or warm up), I will threaten to pull out my wool sweaters, kneehigh boots, and thick black tights again!!!!!!11
I want to be able to wear summer dresses, short skirts, sheer blouses, tight camisoles, wedges, heels without piling on a scarf, or tights, or a thick coat on top!

Anyway, since I really don't have any pretty outfits to show you all, I'll just take you on a tour of my house. Don't be scared... Follow me!

I took these by myself. No tripod. On autotimer. I'm rather proud of myself, except for the fact that this nearly took me an hour. If anyone would like to buy me a tripod, I'd love you for ever. OH and a better camera too, for that matter. (;

Have a good one. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. i saw that dress with the floral appliqué shoulder detailing, and idk.. i wasn't a big fan. haha.. cute house!

  2. love the picz (:

    lol, you have so much time by taking these pictures! D: HOW?

    I'll buy you a tripod... from the dollar store! :P

    ooh, btw, how did you take those pictures.
    you have so much flat surface to place to camera on! >_<

  3. Love your tourguide dress :P That gif freaked me out cos i didnt realise it wasnt an img.

    You rock out when u have the house to urself don't you,lol

    p.s. would love to link swap

  4. great pics and inspirations!

    ps: do you know sth about the GIVEAWAY on my blog???
    you can win a copy of the FACEHUNTER BOOK!!

  5. love your blog ! great pictures !


    YEAAH, i used to live in Burnaby BC. Now, you have guessed correctly, i live in the area where most chinese/asians/indians live: TORONTO! well not exactly, downtown, but quite close.

    I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THE WEATHER MAAN. today, it was up to 14 degrees so i decided to wear a dress with no pants (i am hating pants, like you. i want with any chance i get to wear skirts and dresses and such) and on friday, guess what? YEAH. NEGATIVE 1 DEGREE. i hate the weather.

    they're quite good without a tripod. my stupid tripod broke :( AND YES. i want a pro camera too.

  7. Hey Mimi,

    I don't usually wear lipstick either! Infact i used to hate it. I prefer putting paw paw cream on instead but i just could not resist the colour!

    + added you on my links

  8. ohmy. you're either super creepy or super cool. LOL. actually new york is like, 5-6 hours drive. its still quite far budddyyy.

    mm, i dont really remember BC too well, i was only like 7 or 8. but i liked BC a lot because my family had really close family friends and i would be hanging out with family friend kids every weekend. i had such great 'boy'-friends. i was a tomboy back then and all my good friends were guys.

    mm. but city life wise, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO is the place to be. its in downtown toronto and the buildings are old and beautiful.

    but i didnt apply to UT because i dont like living on res at UT, most people go home to live when they are at UT, so like, you dont have much of the 'first-year' life. ... or so i've heard.

    but shopping is great here, especially downtown toronto, the little shops. OH. and china town is the stinkiest but cheapest place to be :)

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. but isnt it weird ? you being in BC would like to come to UT. and me from ON would like to be at UBC.

    The grass is always greener elsewhere ehhhh ?

  9. Woah, your house is craaayzaaay. And you did all that on autotimer? Without a tripod?! I'm super impressed. I would end up taking a million photos of either my chin or my eyebrows, get fed up after two hours, and go punch things. ^^'

    I know what you mean about the weather. Canadian climate = shit. Especially in Alberta. It snowed today, and then ten minutes later it was sunny again. GIANT FML. y3orkjlafj934ih :(

    -Kiki xo


  10. Looks like you have a nice place. Love the first big picture of you. Marie Antoinette is such an inspiring person, for art and beauty and fashion, that is.

  11. i LOVE the film marie aintionette (or how ever its spelt). The clothes are so amazing.

    And your pictures are absolutley awsome. your dress and your hair are both nice.

  12. I know right, weather has been crazy confusing, TO is hot and cold and back and fort causing lots of moodiness...lovely photos, love the dress!


  13. great photos. LOve your blog.

    Anyway, join Blogs Around the World Project. Visit here...


  14. love thi pink wall! cute dress, too!!

  15. awwwhahah cute dress!!
    thanks for visiting :3 and I've been so lazy I haven't updated lol. The thing is, if you study pharmacy and earn a good salary eventually you'll be able to pay for your own classes and get another degree in something you love to do :) and then bam, switch and your parents won't even know what hit them. haha

  16. this is so awesome!

  17. these pics are great..and ugh take me back to paris!!


  18. awesome pics, and I love the inspiration in the beginning. Clothes from that time period were just so romantic and inspiring.

  19. LOVE THE PICTURES! So captivating haha.
    And the gif thing near the end!

    And you're having a giveaway!? SOOO ENTERING.

    I agree with you, I like my playlist, also. ;)

  20. finally a chance to catch up on comments, that last image is fun!

  21. Loved your dress.... Lovely...... :)


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