Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival tee, Joe shorts, American Apparel tube socks, Urban Planet sneaks.

Today was Anti-bullying Day at school, so I wore pink. I wonder if kids 100 years from now will participate in this. I find it funny how people from each time period try to establish something, a ceremony, a way of life that they think is never going to change. But of course, things change. I mean, we don't all follow Roman Catholic doctrines anymore. We've established "hate crime" then abolished it. There is no such thing as being rude now, it's all "freedom of speech".

Anyway, this was my outfit yesterday:
Old Navy jacket, Sirens cardigan and tank, Bongo jeans, Payless boots.

Look at my nonchalance. My ease of posing. My smirk. My squinting (it was pretty sunny! for once...). Yeah, that's nothing like me in real life! I'm super hyper and moody most of the time. At home, I feel lonely, at school, I feel crowded. It's very strange for me to feel completely happy at one particular time. And did I mention how insecure I am? It's getting a little better now, ever since I started this blog. Thanks to you guys!

Oh, and I will keep writing my story, for those of you who still want to read it, i.e. RACHEL HAHA I just name dropped you... Btw, i like love your blooog. /twirls hair. /bats eyelashes. /creeping you out.

Molly Rose of In Place Of Dreams gave me this award! Thanks so much!

What I liked today:
Taylor Swift.

She looks great in these pics! Her bangs are fierce.

pics via Lovelyish.com

KStew and Dakota Fanning. I think this was at one of their premiers for the Runaways, if I'm not mistaken. They look so pretty. I can't believe how grown-up Dakota looks. It's as if it was yesterday when she was the snotty little brat from Uptown Girls. I haven't seen New Moon yet, but I'm sure Dakota looks fab as a vampire in that movie!

Draped skirts. if i had the guts to do a DIY, this would be the first thing.



  1. Oh macness header! Anti bullying day, how admirable. You lok great in yellow

  2. Haha, we anti-bullying day tooooo!
    WOW, ZOMG, COINKY-DINK. //sarcasm

    She looks gnarlyyyy.


  3. this is an awesome post :) really. love your outfits, you have killer style.

  4. Taylor Swift looks very nice those pictures!
    Love that dress on KStew.

  5. Awesome post! I love the yesterday outfit (especially the canary yellow!)

    Dakota Fanning has grown up so much! I remember hating her when I was younger, thinking she had a stupid name and was a horrible brat XD


  6. thanks~ diy draped skirts sound yummy. i want to do one, too! :)

  7. obviously you know my love for kstew and everything she wears...i love that you're so young wish you were here and i would sooo take you to see the movie =)


  8. Cute-ness outfits! I like the pink anti-bully one! Anti-bullyy day...never heard of that though. >_<

  9. LOLOLOL. so true about waht you do ... creep me out. LOL.

    i know what you mean when you say you go to school, feel crowded, come home and feel lonely. story of my life (well... sometimes..)

    ugggh. and 'freedom of speech' is sort of bull sometimes.

    OHMY. taylor swift look AMAZING.

  10. i love your boots! they are super cool :)

    Walk of Fashion

  11. Sexxxxy header! :) Love it.

    Your outfit is adorable! Especially the cardigan. I'm givin' it some love!

    EW, K-STEW. I can't STAND her acting! (But her dress is pretty awesome.) Dakota is my favorite! I love her in everything she does. You should see her in New Moon. She's the only thing that makes it worthwhile (other than Taylor Lautner, OMGDROOL!)

    Draped skirts, aaaaahhhh! I wish I had cute legs so I could wear one! :( Stupid man muscles. EFF YOUU.

    -kyki xo


  12. i love your blog, so young and fun :)
    cute picture too.
    feel free to visit.follow and link me .


  13. We have anti-bullying days too, but we don't do anything special, there are just some posters and photos on the walls. Works for me.
    I like your second outfit, especially the yellow cardigan.
    As for Kirsten Stewart, I normally don't like her - she's frowning all the time, and she looks like she has a tick, especially in Twilight which left me with severe traumas - but she was great in Adventureland, if you've seen that movie. On the other hand, I love Dakota Fanning! She was so good in 'The secret life of bees'!
    I understand the whole loneliness/ crowdiness (?)/ insecurity thing, because I often feel the same. But I'm glad you're happy now, you seem like a really nice person, and nice people deserve to be happy. There. The ancient Mayan philosophy.
    Once again, love your blog. :)

  14. I almost forgot, please keep posting your story because I loved the first two chapters and I really want to know what happens next! :D

  15. thanks for the sweet words on my blog! I'm loving yours too and you are GORGEOUS!

  16. thas cool that they have that day for your school
    when i used to go to high shcool people were bullig left and right but anywyas
    both outfits look awesome!!

  17. hey mimi! i havent heard of antibully day..hmm! love your outfit, very spring-like. expect an email from me today! <3


  18. WOW Taylor looks fantastic with straight hair!

  19. :O Have you seen this?:http://www.anywho.dk/2009/10/02/diy-draped-skirt/
    Looks pretty easy, I think you should try it! :}

  20. thanks Mimi !
    btw, i feel envy, you can wear a jacket with the fur .
    haha . I can't wear it in my country :(


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