Danielle and I! We were sitting in the Eric Harvie theatre, waiting for a Jazz Band to come on.

Bruce Pullan! He was our clinician for Chamber Choir.

Henry and Joseph camwhoring on the bus! Hey, even Asian guys need to camwhore every once in a while.

We ate ramen and had to borrow people's utensils because we totally forgot to bring any. Oh, and check out my cool bear hat!

I bought this shirt. It's a mooooose.

My friends took a lot more pictures than I did, so I'll probs just stalk their Facebook photos and upload some more on my blog!

BTW, it was snowing in Banff! Hardcore snow too. There was a blizzard in the morning on the second day... but the snow completely melted by afternoon.

I just got this award! Thanks CCWai from MixMatchMedia!

unknown; forgotten

I like hair. I want to grow my hair out. Or maybe cut it super short. Or maybe dye it. Or get bangs again. I don't know!

PS. I couldn't audition for Glee because the open casting call is already over! Damn it ):


  1. hahahahahha. dear camwhore, you really like camwhoring. but thats okay. i like your face.

    and ahhah. your friends are funny too. but you should teach them. i dont think they have mastered the skills of taking pictures yet. LOOL !

    AND OHHH. I LOVE THAT HAT. can you take a better picture, like fuulll picture next time? thaanks !

    OHMYGOSH. when you're free, ask me about some kdrama, i have some good ones to name : D


  2. You are so adorable!
    I love the comment you left on my "flyaway" post!
    I would do that to. Fly to a wonderful city, fall in love, and escape! hahahahah


  3. Thank you mimi :)
    but i think you're way cuter than me =)

  4. I like your photos and hope you had fun on your trip. I have a friend who looks exactly like your friend Danielle! Wierd. ;)
    Sorry for the Glee audition but now at least you have time to post the third chapter!! No, I didn't forget and yes, I will keep reminding you until you post it! :D

  5. U! U! I almost forgot! I read the Zachary Gray post and it was so great, like reading a teenage book. You're sooo funny and it was really cute, the whole story about the play, you talking to him etc. So, I listened to him singing (on youtube, not live) and he's great! He has such a strange voice, not typical boyish voice, he's great!
    He reminds me a little of that guy from Avatar, only he's obviously not blue. :D

  6. Looks like your trip was a lot of fun! Thats too bad about the Glee auditions. And I LOVE the braided hair photo!

  7. aw im sorry you missed the audition next time!!! the pictures are adorable i love youuu bear hat (is that what it is) its so cute!


  8. adorable adorable hat..you look cute in them ;)

    eclectic du jour

  9. OHMYGOSH I ALWAYS DO THAT WITH MY SISTERS SCHOOL STUFF TOO ! i'm glad i'm not the only one.


    and OH I SEE THE BEAR HAT. when i go on your profile, cos its your blog profile picture. CUUUUTEEE. its like one of my dead stuffed animals on my head !!.

  10. Great photos! I love the french braid on the guy, very cool. And congratulations on your award! Have a great weekend.



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