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my sister is in this shot = = she turned 9 on april 27th!

Got this amazing drapy dress thingy a while ago. I still don't know how to wear it, but I love it when I do!
The tribal print makes me feel so happy, for some reason.

I watched part of Dance Me Outside yesterday, and it was so interesting... and I'm a little jealous. The First Nations have such an amazing culture, and even in modern times, they lead lives entertwined with their traditions, and I think this is admirable and inspiring.

Well Dance Me Outside is not about traditions.

Dance Me Outside is set on a reservation in Northern Ontario, following the lives of a group of teens. A girl within that group is murdered by a white man and... I didn't get to finish watching the movie because of my mother wanting to watch the news! so if anyone knows what happened, and is willing to give a detailed description full of humour, wit, and emotion, please do so in the comment box, or email me. (it doesn't have to be full of humour... or wit... but emotion is welcome.)

It's a funny movie and a little brash maybe, but definitely a good fun movie.

I'm planning on trekking places to find the book (it's a collection of short stories) if possible, but I know it won't be the same. Movies based on books and the actual books are never quite the same...

I think these pictures are beautiful. Johnnys Bird makes life seem so liveable, and smoking seem so glamorous.


  1. great outfit and post, you have a lovely blog :)
    thanks for stopping by at mine!

  2. Thanks for the book recommendations and it would be great if you did that every time you comment! :D
    I love those photos of you, those glasses really fit you. And about the dress, I really like it! It's good to have one of those baggy dresses that might seem like... um, a bag, but actually make you look fragile and elegant. Oh, and the shoooes! <3

    Hahah, it's funny how you're posing and that woman is arraging flowers right next to you. :))

    I hadn't seen that movie so no humorous and witty story here.
    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE those last photos and totally agree with you, especially with the part about smoking.

  3. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    love this post, that photo of you in the lovely dress on the street is awesome.
    and thanks for the heads up on the johnnys bird blog, i had never heard of it before ;)

  4. Ah I love yout draped dress! I never know how to wear stuff like that either but you pull it off very well!

  5. Wow. Your story excerpt is simply beautiful. <3 I especially love the line about how there's no mirror in the bathroom. Really makes you think.

    Cute drapey-thing! Love it.

    -kyki xo


  6. That dress is adorable! Love it!

    And I love love love the first of the Johnnysbird photos :)

  7. I love first nations art! Native Canadians have truly fascinating cultures. Those pictures are great too and I too think smoking is glamorous...is that bad?

  8. aCK!
    That drapey dress thing is supremely awesome!
    And totally killlllller when paired with those heels.

  9. wow
    love this pictures
    following you

  10. amaziiiiiiiiiing dress.

    i'm a follower now!

  11. Oooops!! Hope your sister wasn't mad! hahahah, I feel really embarrased right now, especially because you wrote that it's you nine year old sister below the photo! hahah, how didn't I see that!? :D

    I read The Little Prince, but i'm planning to read it again any time soon. I didn't read those other books but I'll put them on my list. Thank you a lot! :)

  12. I wanted to ask you something, what is a Deathnote and how do you keep it? :D I hope this is not something common and something everybody should know because then I would be double embarrased! :D

  13. hey lovely. is that hillary duff in the last photo? if so, it looks like an older photo, haha! <3


  14. Hey cool blog!
    Please visit my blog and tell me what you think about. I hope you'll be one of my followers.

    Bye LB


  15. love the pictures, and the dress, and your glasses in the top... I need to get a pair of big frames

  16. thanks! and that dress is lovely!


  17. Your blog is so funny!


  18. wow the pic of the girl with the backwards cap and romper...in love..need that look!!!!


  19. WAHHHHHHHH i love the dress. you know, we can always trade. i'll send you my pants if i get the dress.

    UGHHH. I know what you mean, all these pictures make smoking look soooo coool. when really, its probably not.

    DANCE ME OUTSIDE sounds cool. but i dont think i have patience for older films. really. i know its very narrowminded of me. but i like colour, and i like cool effects.

    but you know what, it kinda feels like i have NO idea what will happen in ch.4. NOT A CLUE.

  20. where did you get the glasses! i want a pair!

    also, i love your outfit. specially the shoes. great contrast!

  21. gorgeous! I love this blog.

  22. Hahahahha, you need to treat your sister like A PERSON?! That must be SO hard for you! :P But I get what you mean, my brother is all the same!

    Uuuuh, Deathnote sounds really interesting, I can't wait to watch it all. But i think it'll have to wait because I have so many things to dooo! life is too short.

    And also, i hate blogger right now because I left a huuuuge comment on Rachel's blog and now it's gone -.-'
    Not that you care :D

    Have fun!

  23. cool post!!!!!!lovely outfits!!!!!!!
    loved the dress and shoes first pic!!!!also the colourful denim jacket,last pic!!!!!!!!

    also the maxi leopard dress!!!!

    come visit me!!!!


  24. These Johnnysbird pics are so cool. They do make smoking seem glamorous...I love the toy guns and the firecrackers!

  25. your sister is so cute!
    i adore your dress - so unique!

  26. great post! i absolutely adore johhny's bird:)

    xx raez

  27. You're so cute, & i love pictures/


  28. Oh thanks for the comment !
    & your french is good, but my english is bad : ( haha
    Yeap no pb pour les liens.
    je te suis aussi maintenant.


  29. Gorgeous tunic dress! I love the design and how bold it is!



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