"You look really stupid / retarded in that video you posted, honestly. That hair thing is overdone."
via Formspring.

Awwwe, thank you sooo much. Usually I'd let out an outpour of insults and slurs, but since this is a fucking family blog with a rating of PG, I shall not use the "f" word to stab you. Instead, I will put the comment on this blog for others to be commented on, because I'm mean like that.

My actual answer:
Well, it wasn't exactly planned, the "hair thing" that is. I was innocently writing my extended essay and listening to music when the urge to dance struck me. But trust me, I wasn't dancing or flipping my hair for you, my love. Thanks for your comment -- and your redundancy ("stupid / retarded"? Alright, I get your point, you don't have to say it twice in one line)! (:

(See how nice I was to not point out that "You look really stupid / retarded in that video you posted, honestly. That hair thing is overdone" is not a question at all? Anyway, I love this person. Thanks for being honest, "honestly", my honest friend.)
[/edit & bitchin']
- - -

Award time!

Made it for you, my lovelies. You inspire me so much to keep doing what I love to do! (which basically consists of sifting through my closet and pulling out random outfits, then taking pictures of them, and PARTY! [kay maybe not PARTY! but blogging is fun even without the PARTY!ing :D)

Lemme make up some rules:
- Post on blog (obviously haha).
- Answer les questions.
- Link to bloggers who inspire you!

1) Why do you blog? For you, or for others?
2) Do you like telling a story with words or pictures?
3) What is the meaning of life?
4) Cheese + Banana = ?
5) Halloweenies. Discuss this word.

You can write short, quirky one-word answers. Or long, funny, detailed answers as well! I'd really love to see em! (:

I'll pass this on to people who really do inspire me. These bloggers have amazing taste in fashion, amazing insights into life, and are generally great people (: hehe.

Rachel from One of These Things.
Andy from Moonage Daydream.
Kyki from Lunacy Fringe.




  1. ooooh you have such a great blog! I'm definitely following your blog :)

    Love your taste of fashion.

    Classique chérie

  2. Ooo, gracias! Can't wait to start writing it but don't be surprised if it took me a while because it's the end of the school year and then I'm off to Amsterdam (PARTY!:D) so it's busy bee again. but i'll find the time, after all i AM inspiring you :D
    Thank you again for those lovely words, i'm sure you exaggarate (speaking for myself) but it's great to hear it! :D

    p.s. I couldn't watch the video, too bad. :(

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you my darling! You are wonderful and sweet! I award you with lots of love and good vibes!!

  4. this sounds good,
    although can i recommend you don't bother asking people what cheese + banana is.
    i mean, it's clearly chanana.
    x x x x

  5. hahahahaha that picture with that little dumo in the shower is so cute!
    congrats on the award!


  6. awwwww i inspire you!!!!!!you inspire me darling with your amazing attitude towards things especially at such a young age!!! i even had a post with that quote one of my favorites!!! it really means a lot to me that youre inspired by me...thanks so much love!!


  7. domo domo omnomnomnom.
    is that overuse of o's and m's? i hope not :)

    xx miss anonymous.

  8. love the questions- very random! :)

  9. i just watched your video and I must say; HAHAHAHHAHAHA! It's really funny, especially when you're eating that m&m, or something like that (it's bigger than m&m, I think). And how many times did you go through your hair! :D Sadly, you didn't say anything so I didn't hear your voice, and I'm really curious about it. :D

    I'll try to take photos of the hamster, although I'm not promising anything. he's really home-y (he doesn't leave his housey very often).
    And of course I'll take pictures of A'dam (They call Amsterdam like that in that book Glue. I don't know if it's a popular nickname but it sounds so cool :D)

  10. Oh, it's so annoying when people do that, go around watching random videos just so they can say something mean. Or is it stupid/retarded? Honestly, I don't know.:) No worries, i liked the hair thing. ;)

    I would like to see some of the photos of your sister. I remember only the one where I thought she was 'a woman in the garden'.:D
    Hahahaha, that thing about your grandma! that's so cute. You should post that photo. I bet you look naaaaaice!

    Of course you'll make another video, you can't resist a pretty please. Pretty please! :)

    You don't have to 'marry a rich dude' to go to those places. There's also winning the lottery. Ha! You didn't think about that, did you? What, it could happen!
    Actually, you seem pretty smart and I think you will do something big. Trust me. Just do your homework. And not drugs. :D

  11. great blog!!xx from spain;P


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