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my sis and i got a home-facial for fun:
<- i really like this product. it actually heats up with water. pretty sweet. oh and did i mention you can get it at walmart for only $1.29?
i got two more: the peel-off masque and a strawberry souffle.
 and now we look like this:


just kidding (;
kay so here are some camwhore shots of me (i don't have any notable outfit pics to post, sorry)
and my sis is too young for camwhoring so there are none of her. she ran off afterwards to play Build-a-Bear online. WTF LOL kids these days.

I gotta bus to work soon. i don't rly like work. There are some new people there who are completely obnoxious and fake. I like most of the ppl i work with, thank god, but i can't stand the OFP (obnoxious and fake people). when they say things to me like "Oh you're so skinny, I'm jealous" I feel like throwing up over their Coach bags and false eyelashes... but that'll be too hard to do; I'd have to project the puke first onto their bags and then quickly swivel my head to aim at their face. Most of the time, i ignore them, but i can't appear to be too antisocial (b/c I don't want to get fired, for example), so of course I'll fake laugh at them -> "faughing" has never been so annoying. esp when i'm the one who's doing it.
The good thing is, most of them will be fired or they'll quit after a while.
If I wasn't so lazy, I'd apply for other jobs... = = But honestly, i've just gotten comfortable working at the Hut of Hell, no matter if it's about 98% hell and 2% faughing.

DOUGLAS COUPLAND X ROOTS! [sure i don't shop there, but now i might]
My favourite Canadian author, Douglas Coupland, (Gen X, jPod, Miss Wyoming, Eleanor Rigby, etc, etc, etc!) is now teamed up with Roots for a clothing line. Two things I love the most, literature & fashion, have now been combined into one category of FULL OUT AWESOMENESS in technicolour.

The best part are the athletic jackets for men:
Yeah Canada pretty much rocks.

Alrightie then.


  1. LMFAO I totally agree with you about women saying your so skinny. I get that too, I smile, but quickly turn away.

    Build-A-Bear online? Let me guess, the stuff toys have some code in them for you to play online. That almost happen to every big time toys everywhere


    haha yeah it must be hard to deal in those situations... be genuine/honest/blunt... or try to keep your job??

    your sisterly adventures sound fun !

  3. Hahah you're so funny! I'm always paranoid (by always, I am referring to the one vlog I did) that someone (such as neighbours, family members, etc.) will hear me talking and think I'm CRAZY.

    And I've never done an at home facial but it sounds like FUN! I mean, you look pretty awesome. In that first photo labelled Jem/Jerrica... Not the ones following. KIDDING OF COURSE! YOU LOOK FABULOUS!

    Hope you're having an awesome summer! Slash seems like it from the sounds of it! So yay!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Oh and BUSTER NEVER CAME BACK?! Hahah. I was quoting it off from a song from one of the episodes! ;) BUSTER BETTER HAVE COME BACK - He and arthur are besties!

    Thanks for the comment though - it really made me giggle like a lunatic! :)

  5. Haha, that was an intteennssee video. Your bunny is really cute! Must suck living over top a garage. :/

    I know what you mean about summer boredom. When I'm not working, I complain about being bored, but when I'm working, I also complain about being bored. Books seem like a fairly good solution. What all are you reading?

    Cheap Walmart face masks ftw. They are pretty dec, usually. I like the chocolate scented ones. ^^

    &also - those clothes are leegiiittt. (I'm oh so gangstaaah.) I want the colorful hoodie, LYKNAO.

    - xo, kyki ♥


  6. You are super funny! I laughed all through this post! I used to buy cheap walgreens masks, but I don't think they worked. haha.
    Have a good Sunday.


  7. Funny pics! I love the way a masque feels on the face, but I can easily scare off my husband with it on!


  8. I'm still LOVING your blog. Okay, so I definitely have a guitar that looks like yours. I believe mine's a Rogue. It's waaaaay to big for my body. And I'm always playing the wrong chords.

    Actually, I'm learning to play "Put Your Records On" and "Bubbly" because they're not as hard as other songs. I'm not ready for Regina Spektor quite yet!!

    Best Wishes,


  9. GOD i want an athletic jacket. they're called baseball jackets over here in the uk, because thats all we think americans do.
    you blog as well.
    yes, lookbook is kinda lame.
    x x x

  10. AW YEEH, GO CANADA. *swells up with nationalistic pride*
    The line looks pretty fantastic!

    And OH MY GOODNESS, you look muy attractive with pink flesh. ;)
    Just sayin'.


    i want the mask, i'm gonna go to walmart and get it. doesnt it suck that canadians dont have target? your sister is adorable :) i used to play build-a-bear online. dont make fun >:|

    OH.I LOVE THAT TSHIRT FROM ROOTS. ITS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL. SERIOUSLY.and the jackets are lovely. i'm gonna find a boyfriend who owns one, so i can steal it. :)


  12. FLORAZHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUJuly 11, 2010 10:06 PM

    omgsh dudeee i hate that facemask !! LMAO
    it gives me so bad rashes LOL.
    and dude your good size ;)

    in asia............ yes me and my asian follw ups

    its comman for lke 163 to be 44KG so babeyy your hot size in asia..


    i moved blogs, shoot me ;)

  13. Wow, those jackets are amazing!!

  14. Hahaha the vomiting comment made me giggle. Where do you work, if it's not a silly question? (:

  15. you are too funny and so adorable!! love at home facials considering I dont like the idea of someone else touching my face hah...and you think you're bad with wheels? umm i failed my road test 6 times back in the day. oh it was not fun to be me hah but i swear im a good driver!


  16. Your vlog was mucho fun to listen to. Personally, I wish you would've kept in the parts you were embarrassed about.

    Have you ever heard the song "Nothing came out" by the moldy peaches? There's this part in the song were Kimya's voice cracks, and it's actually my favorite part of the song because it just seems so vulnerable, open and honest. I can really feel the emotion. I think "mistakes" are often the best parts of music and art. You have a pretty voice. :)

  17. Hey mimi! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I just clicked through yours like a mad woman. haha. I followed you on bloglovin btw. =] I love doing facial masks!


  18. I always enjoy your vlogs, keep them coming girl.

    I'm so glad that you're playing the guitar. As a self-taught guitar player I'll just advise you to PRACTICE EVERYDAY. Seriously, that is how you get use to playing and gain muscle memory in your fingers.

    I really don't like facials because I never have the patience to wait for them to settle into my skin. But the strawberry souffle sounds yummy, perhaps I'll try it after all. If it's annoying, I'll perhaps just eat it.

  19. let's get rich and get everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance...from way up there, you and i (you and i)

    loved your vlog! i'm teaching myself guitar atm too but i am getting very impatient with myself haha.

  20. LMAO :D
    The jackets are really cool!

  21. wow, you had my fav regina spektor song playing in the background, and attempted to play my one of my favorite ingrid michaleson songs!

    oh, where do you find the guitar chords to songs, i can never find them just searching the web.

  22. i'm not buying the polo shirt!
    not that you'd be interested
    x x x

  23. Such a cute post - you are so adorable!

    Merci beaucoup for your wonderful comments and support darling, it really means a lot ♥

    Je suis très très TRÈS désolée for the late reply!

    Have a lovely week dearest =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  24. My stupid computer is refusing to show your video so I 'll have to watch it some other time, when he stops PMS-ing. I like the facial photos, yours especially. You look very attractive! Haha. um... yeah. :D but seriously, you look really cute on the camwhoring photos!
    And OMG the text about your job, it's so funny! I know you say you hate it but it sounds amusing to me. Especially, the part about the puking, though I see how hard it must be for you, not to be able to puke in all the directions you want. Ah.
    Haha, that girl on the sauna masque package looks like someone DID threw up on her face. Is she maybe one of your beloved new co-workers? :P
    I couldn't think of anything for your blogiversary yet! OMG! What to do, what to do? I MUST think of something.
    P.S. Sorry for not being around lately and I love your outfit from the last post!!

  25. regarding the sidebar poll; i'm totally voting glee song but i thought i'd tell you because i'm requesting jessie's girl.
    god i love that song :)
    x x x

  26. LOL you look adorable :)
    and those masks are awesomeee!!!!!!!

  27. those two tops you showed me are lovely, although the hoodie is fantastic and you should DEFINITELY buy it!
    i don't think that that kind of thing really happens in my area, although i know a lot of that stuff happens on ebay and that's where you can find ingenious kooky stuff for a couple of pounds.
    you spend 50% of your time on the internet too? at least i'm not alone :)
    your comment was lovely and sweet and i never want you to stop commenting amen.
    x x x

  28. hahaha, "faughing." You could wait for a time when they are carrying their Coach bags, then throw up all over them...think lawn sprinkler. Fake people suck but it's always nice when you're talking to people who you think are fake, and then you actually find out that they are real people and you're like "whoa!!"

    I like that hoodie a lot. It reminds me of color bars on a TV...like when they're testing the emergency equipment. Wonder if that's what it was inspired by?

  29. Naw, haha, you two are adorable! So glad I visited your blog today. I really like your hair color; mine used to be black but now it's more of a medium/dark brown, which is certainly not attractive.
    I'd love to visit Canada one day. It looks like such a beautiful country, and apparently the people there are very nice, which I believe is true!
    Yes, I don't like work either. Most co-workers can really get on your nerves sometimes!

  30. There is an award for you on my blog.


  31. helloooo? where have you been.

  32. Oh hey, um, that's ROOTS?! WHAAAAAAAAAAA?! For some reason, I forever associate Roots with that good ole' beaver that inhabits the bum of my favourite childhood sweatpants but BOY HAVE THINGS CHANGED.

    Not that I can wear those macho athletic jackets but HEY IF I COULD I WOULD.

    In conclusion, GO CANADA!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! You're the best - hahah, you make me laugh.

  33. You have such an adorable blog!! :) xoxo

  34. This is such a cute post! And the face mask sounds good :)

    classique chérie

  35. I just discovered your blog and I really love it, you're so cute!

    xx fesi-fashion

  36. i bought the facial too and had my bf try it with me, it was priceless!

    >> beneaththesunn.blogspot.com

  37. the striped sweater. i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant! D: omgiassshh where do you find these awesome clothings?! why does the US have no style ><


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