is somewhat annoyed :/


i've just been on the worst first date ever.

1) when a girl says she doesn't want to kiss you, it probably means she doesn't want to kiss you
2) when a girl doesn't want to kiss you, and means it, you shouldn't try harder to kiss her
3) flattery will get you nowhere on a first date
4) okay so you have an awesome amazing car, and you look gorgeous but still that doesn't mean she's going to kiss you
5) touching her and wrapping your arms and legs around her is not going to make her kiss you/like you more
6) she will get annoyed at you because all she wanted was to hang out at your place and get to know you better cuz you met her 2 days ago and asked for her number
7) she will attempt to punch you/kick you where it hurts
8) she will ask to leave your place and yeah so you drove all the way down to her house to pick her up and now you're driving her back, but it doesn't mean she wants to makeout with you in the car
9) okay so you're leaving to play in a ball hockey tournament in toronto tomorrow and all you wanted was to have some fun to get psyched before you leave but still, she thought you just wanted to hang out and will not have your version of "fun"
10) continuously guilt-tripping her and saying "you have to be more open" and "i did all this for you" will not make her makeout with you!

i'm VERY annoyed actually. VERY.


i don't even know what else to blog about


he's coming back in like a week but says since his brother is leaving for india, his parents will be more strict with him and won't let him go out as much so basically that's a whole month that he can't see me

okay so i think he's gorgeous and really nice
but he's just a little... focused on sex.


also i'm a little suspicious. he keeps telling me to "trust him" but really i think he's saying "trust me and makeout with me now".

so a whole month...

should i keep seeing him?
will he even call me?
why do i care?

i'm PISSED off.

cuz i gave up my first kiss for a guy who kissed like a slobbery dog.

okay end rant, outfits:

info here and here

i'm pissed off.

okay oops forgot about some stuff to blog about cuz I'M ANNOYED

here you go:
strawberry souffle masque [SOOO YUMMY]

my bestie/lover (WHO I'M ON THE PHONE WITH RIGHT NOW CUZ I'M PISSED OFF AND WE'RE TALKING ABOUT PAST FAILED BOY-LATIONSHIPS) and i went to go see Inception. AMAZING movie, GENIUS cast, and AWESOME plot line. i recommend everyone who's reading this still (THANKS) to go watch it.
well this is a weird pic. thanks F. <3 you are an awesome person and an amazing friend. no one else is like you. sometimes i forget that you are so amazing bc i'm so selfcentered. F. i feel like you're the only person i can talk to sometimes. so i love you for listening to me complain about a certain guy, certain friendships, life, and... well yeah i love you baby. thanks for reminding me that certain guys aren't worth it.

love, sunny mimi chen






  2. great pictures, i loved the photo where you are wearing a souffle masque hahaha.
    have a nice day and visit my bloog :)


  3. Omg D: that must've been horrid for you :( I'm sorry you had a shitty date...and idk man, I think you should just stick to talking to him, and when you hang out with him(if you decide to), have other people around and don't be alone with him. that way he'll have less of a chance to get closer to you in a bad way~
    silly boys, lol

    <3 Lily

  4. oh and I totally forgot to reply :P but I did have contacts before, for about a year and I ran out of supplies so I never got around to getting them again. and since they're pricey and I haven't started working yet I'm just using my glasses.
    annnd yes Grandparents are the bestest <3

  5. oh no, that sucks! :( First kisses tend to be kind of terrible sometimes. My first kiss was with a dude who I was sort of friends with, who spent a month pursuing me in an awkward situation that he should have known not to pursue me in unless he was actually interested. Then he hooked up with someone else literally two days after he hooked up with me. His explanation was something like "Well I wanted to hook up with you so then I hooked up with you...then I wanted to hook up with her, so I did...." I was like "umm you could have at least waited a little while between hookups, out of courtesy, you know?" We didn't talk to each other much after that (because of the ambient awkward situation, not because of the stuff between me and him) which kind of sucked because he was overall a nice dude even though he was kind of a dumbass.

    Most guys tend to be like the guy you went on a date with though...if you show an interest then they will pretty much assume that you want to make out with them on the first date or whatever. I guess he just expected it because that's probably what would have happened with most other women, so he just thought you were being shy rather than wanting to get to know him better before you decided to kiss him. Still sucks though.

    On the other hand, once you find the right person you won't give a fuck about who your first kiss was.



    he is so not worth your time. dont even go back to him. ignore all his calls, texts, emails, etc. a guy like that isnt worth any girl's time. a guy like that who makes you feel annoyed and shitty after a date is NOT worth your time. seriously. dont even consider seeing him, or calling him or CARING ABOUT HIM.

    looks arent everything. he may be gorgeous. but think about it, when he gets older, he becomes like, old looking just like the rest of the world. looks dont go far.




    ps. uhm, NICE OUTFIT.
    pps. DUMP HIM.

  7. Don't keep seeing that guy. He sounds like a jackass.


  8. I love your outfits, Mimi. :3
    And about the guy...well, maybe try to hang out with him only if there are others with you.

  9. I understand your feeling..
    Don't forget that there are many good guys who will treat you right out there. IF he attempts to do that to you again, punch him on the face!

  10. First of all, great outfits! The crop top is divine with that skirt. And is that a leopard print skirt? Doesn't matter, because I love it!

    Second of all, who the fuck is this dude? He sounds like a total perv freak. I think you should get some distance. I mean, if he only wants to get physical with you and doesn't make an effort in getting to know you then he's not even worth you being pissed off.

    Third of all, I think it's nice that you gave such a sweet shout-out to your friend Flora. Just remember that lots of people think you're awesome and is interested in what you have to say, including your fellow blogger: me.

  11. Me too, understand what you feel, sweety :)

    Anyway, nice outfit there. You look beautiful =)

    Pinkie Angia


  12. First of all, thanks for the wonderful comment, it made me feel so much better (a crappy day) and it's a deal, I'll try not to put myself down and you'll try it too. Sounds easy, right? :D
    Also, thanks for the movie recomm. I'll definitely watch it :D

    And about this post. I think he's not right for you, even though he sounds very... um... hot! (Could you post a picture? Hahaha.)
    I think a girls thoughts after the first date should be more like: 'Oooh, he's so awesome, I like him so much, I want to marry him, oooh!' etc. Yours were quite different so I vote NO, don't see him anymore.
    But, still, he sounds really georgeous! :D I really don't know. Maybe you should tell him what are your conditions and that he needs to choose (dress something really nice for that occasion. LOL). Not much of a help, am I? :D
    on the bright side, you have awesome leopard (is it?) printed shorts! really awesome.
    Your friend Flora sound really great and I'm always glad to hear more of that and less of 'backstabbing' from you!
    Have fun and don't think about Mr.Handsome Asshole!
    Ta-ta! xx

  13. Hii

    That date sounded pretty shitty :(

    But .. Good for you for sticking up for yourself and not letting him walk all over you, it shows him that you have respect for yourself :]

    I saw inception on sunday night, it was fantasti-CALLLLL ! lol

    Btw great blog and im now your newest follower <3

    Id appreciate it if you'd take a wee peep at mine:


    Thanks =)



    You appear to be quite slobbery. And dog like. And that really sucks for you. So


    And I don't even know you.


    P.S. You don't deserve this girl. HAH.

    Please foreward the above message to him. Or, you know, maybe not. But I'm getting annoyed by him and I grant you permission to tell him that.

    On a brighter note, you look AWESOME. Love the leopard shorts chhyeaaa. So FIERCE. (Get it? Leopard? Fierce? Yeah? YEAH.)



  16. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm going for more of a sweet lolita. <3
    Re:P.S. Yeah, after I posted that comment I realized that he was just one of those guys. :/ I'm sorry Mimi had to go through something like that. :(

  17. Hello =)
    My name is Sophia and I just met your blog
    Love to exchange links too but I don't have enough time :( So this is gonna be short-short
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  18. Lovely photos!

    And that guy is not worth it! You shouldn't be with anyone who feels like they have to force you into anything. No means NO period.

  19. :( OH GOSSHH. Guys are so stupid. All of them. (There are no exceptions. You may at some point meet a boy who you THINK is an exception, and you may fall in love with him and BELIEVE he's an exception, but you will be wrong. Unfortunately.) Any guy who tries to force you to do physical stuff (or ANYTHING, for that matter) with him isn't worth the skin he's in, and certainly isn't worth your time. I'm glad you got outta there. But cheer up - you WILL meet an almost-non-stupid boy who will be madly in love with you and completely perfect for you. :)

    Totally. Adorable. Outfits. How about I steal that shirt in pic #1 from you? MKAITHANX. ;)

    And don't worry - ALL your posts are awesome.

    - xo, kyki ♥


  20. uggghhhh bad dates are the WORST. i feel your pain.

    xx Niki

  21. I seriously adore you!!!

    Your comment made me smile :) And this post cracked me up, too funny!! Could you be any cuter?

    Also boys are idiots. haha

    Cheers, Jesa :)

  22. I like your blog and your pictures are so funny ;)

  23. OY JEEZ!! I totally get you. Some guys are justs missing WAYTOOMANY parts of their brain, eh? Kind of reminds me of my ex, he was all nice and laid back and fun when we first started dating, then randomly changed in the period of a week and cheated on me with a freshman HOE who's barely 14 and already fucked like 3 guys >:( now he's a complete jerk.

  24. Hey!! Im new to your blog, and I already LOVE it!! :D its gorgeous and I'm a new fan of yours now! and btw with the guy problem! Why did he annoy you that much about wanting a kiss, when your with a guy. The kiss isn't supposed to be given to when asked it's supposed to be gotten at times when it's not expected...does that make sense? Haha :D point is NEVER ask for a kiss, it's just awkward! haha
    and Check out my blog, I give advice on drama that girls have to go through!! http://dramalikeomg.blogspot.com

  25. We've all been there... That date from hell. There will be better ones in the future :)


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