Falsies & Buns & Acne?!

I don't nearly have enough hair for this hairstyle, but I tied a small bun around my head, see? Haha, fail, I know. Oh, big news: my first time using false eyelashes. It was so damn hard! Took me half an hour for the right eye, and I screwed up my left eye. Then I thought it looked too fake so I used a pair of scissors and snipped a couple lashes off. Which made it look even worse, but I thought, "Screw this. I'm leaving the house looking like this, who cares?"

Oh, and my friend F. called me bald yesterday. Her exact words: "bald". LOL

I know I don't have a fine mop of hair like she does, but I long for it! Do you guys have any tips for limp, flat hair like mine? Much appreciated if you could give me some suggestions to make it look fuller? Maybe even some tips on how to GROW MORE HAIR? Haha :D

Alright, here's the vlog! Hope it helps some of you, because trust me, I'm more acne prone than... your mom. There are so many options of cleansers out there, so I hope this vlog will narrow it down for you:

More tips:
- Keep a pack of Clean&Clear Oil Blotting Sheets handy! They're 5 bucks for a pack of 50. They're really great and can absorb tons of oil, leaving your skin super fresh.

- Try a honey and lemon juice facial! Honey is great for soothing the skin will getting rid of bacteria. Lemon is a good exfoliator. I know the application is messy and it might smell... well, like honey, but it's great for your skin. Apply for like 15 mins then wash it off with warm water.

- Slice up a tomato and use it to exfoliate your face! I really recommend this, maybe once every 2 weeks. Just sweep your face gently. Easy peasy.

- Try a baking soda wash. Mix up a teaspoon of baking soda and just add a little water until it becomes thick and liquidy. Use it like facial wash.

- Try the Body Shop Tea Tree Masque. It comes in a little jar for about 15 bucks. Very worth it. Apply once a week. I've used it 3 times now and I've barely used up 1/20 of the jar seriously. Worth eet.

- Try the Clinique Acne set. (Foaming face wash, cleansing lotion [which is like a toner] and the Moisturizer with benzoyl peroxide [which I mentioned in the vlog]) This is very useful, and treats the toughest of acne. However, it's expensive :/ About 65 bucks for the whole set. Sigh. Though it's worth it, it runs out easily. I'd say 3-4 months for me. So I can't afford it! Hey I'm a student working part-time at Pizza Hut okay?

And remember drugstore brands can be as effective as high-end brands if you back it up with a fair diet (meaning, less fatty/greasy foods) and enough sleep. Oh and a good dose of optimism. And patience. And acceptance. (:

Thanks for reading guys! xxx
More helpful posts to come. Hopefully. If I'm not being a slack-off.


  1. Wow, thank you for your review, dear ^^
    Love it!

    Xoxo ♥
    Pinkie Anggia


  2. wow great tips!! gonna try this honey thing!! love the false eyelashes i think they are great for nights out! :) x

  3. Awww, your dress is adorable!

    There is a way to grow stronger and shinier hair if you eat lots of vitamins and protein (edemame beans are the best) but you really can't make your hair thicker. I heard that if you do scalp messages, it'll "wake up" follicles which facilitates new hair growth, but I don't know how much of that is scientifically supported.

    Summer is the worst when it comes to pimples, all the sweat and oil get lodged in your pores...yuck, not a good thing! I use tea tree oil on my acne and it works really well but it's oily and gets everywhere though. But, I have noticed a change in my skin condition when I started using plant based moisturizers and soaps. Because I'm a strict vegetarian, I am very careful about what I use on my face. Also, since I don't eat meat then it seemed hypocritical and weird if I continued to rub animal fat derived product in my face. So, I've always been using "Kiss My Face" facial products, and it's the best stuff ever! Everything is super mild and fresh, I barely get acne anymore. So, maybe give that a try too?

  4. your dress is super cute!
    thanks for the acne tips. i make a pore strip out of 1 tbs of plain gelatin and 1 tbs of milk, put it in the microwave for 10 seconds and then apply it and let dry. it works really well!!

  5. You are not bald!!! I have straight, thick hair...I've always wanted it to be flatter and smoother personally.
    I find false eyelashes really hard to use too. I use the individual ones, not the strip. Ugh.

  6. great tips! i like to add baking soda to my cetaphil, and it's worked like nothing eles before, also at night after my face drys rub a benzoyl cream and lotion on my face, i've found that helps!

    I actually almost bought falsies at target the other week, but i didn't have enough money, they have this kind that i want to try though, that is individual lashes and is supposed to last for a week or something.

    And just saying YOU DO NOT WANT THICK HAIR!!!! it is hot, gross and completely overrated! be happy for the little bit you have, i long for hair like yours!

  7. your sister's dress is adorable! You you don't look bald... at least not in pictures. =]


  8. i have annoying acne .___. but i've got a feeling that none of that is going to work. a nagging feeling. my skin is the most sensitive you could ever get, i touch my face and i break out >< i can't use any facial powders, or i break out (used it ONCE like 3 weeks ago, still am broke out from it.) *sigh* and it's weird because EVERYONE in my family has amazing skin. except me :[ i'm always stuck with the recessive genes!! ><"

    anyway, if i feel up to it enough (shitty week) I'll try your tips. I use clean and clear and I LOVE them, but never has the acne completely gone away. I hear a lot that the honey one works really well, i'm just afraid the sugar is going to soak in and give me more zits ><

    but for anyone else, I highly recommend clean and clear acne wash! (just not the moisturizer, don't use acne moisturizers because it's designed to dry out your zits and it'll dry out your face, leaving your face to produce more oil and hence zits ><) I use olay hydrating moisturizer and it works amazing :D no oily feeling AT ALL.

  9. as for your hair, maybe try some mousse? I also use herbal essence volumizing (i know that's spelled wrong lmao) shampoo, and that seems to give me a little lift. :D

  10. i'm so happy that you write some tips and recommendations for clean up that annoying acnes. i never thought about a slice of tomato. i'll try it.

    nice dress anyway <3


  11. Such a cute dress! And I'm a big fan of the bodyshop tea tree facial wash, use it all the time! :)

  12. awsome tips. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA PIZZA FACE. ( unless you alreay have that ) LOL. XD

    Oh yea, the oil free thing is so true. O __ O " i had acne, and i bought this neutrogena product. myfrieds also bought something similar, but they were complaining about how it didnt work. o-o" and then i found out it wasn't oil free. If your face is aleady oily.. why add more oil? XD

  13. nice outfit and nice pictures!


  14. Thank you for the tips, they're really useful (:

    xx Simonne

  15. I'm 27 and still get spots, forget them. Enjoy life hunni you are pretty clever and have a great sense of style. Rock it xxxxxx

  16. cute bow-tie flats, you'd never know they were from Payless!

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  18. love this blog <3 where are you from?

  19. i love your outfit and that's a cute video!
    hope you are doing well
    regarding your post above, i am sending my best wishes that you can get through all of that.
    probably you can speak to your mom/dad regarding this thing, rather than bury them in your heart
    keep on praying


  20. I always love to have beauty treatment from nature..

    I think, for the problem of your hair, you should let it the way it is. Eat well, more mineral and protein for the growth of the healthy hair. Don't brush your hair while it still in wet condition, and the important thing is: Don't be so stressful, or you'll have a lot more hair loss. I experienced it once when I was working on my thesis..

    Hope it'll helpfull. I love your fake eyelashes btw..(:

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  21. Cute outfit! & I love your advice Vlog, I'll deffo try out some of those tips

    Great blog hun :)


  22. :D love that dress. and I've been battling acne for years ... *sigh* but I love benzoyl peroxide...it's like my bff if I had no life lolol.

    you look adorable in your videoo!!!


  23. I love your outfit in the first few pictures! :)
    Thanks for the tips, I'm definitely going to try some of those.
    By the way, I think your hair looks great the way it is, but for more volume try styling/blow drying it with your hair flipped upside-down (if that makes sense?)and using mousse. But really, it looks good the way it is, and thick hair gets really annoying.

  24. I absolutely love your dress. And you look very pretty in those pictures. If only I was as photogenic as you are. ^__^!

  25. I love what u have done with your background! (I have been reading your blog, just havent commented, cuz I didnt know what to say.) the false eyelashes werent that bad, actually,and your hair is more tamed than mines. lol

  26. That dress is a beaut!
    Thankyou for the lovely comment :)
    Wanna exchange links?
    going to follow you aswell :)

  27. dude its no use, your bald.

    lmao and its chap stick not lip balm sweety.
    chap sticks tame b hairs omgsh loooooooooooooooooool


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