sorry for the short absence! there was a small family trip i forgot to mention in the post below, which i embarked upon early Sunday morning. seriously, it was early. i slept at 4 am, after rigorous packing and wracking my mind for items which i might have forgotten, and then woke up at 6 am to my mother yelling at me that we were late.

anyway i've categorized this short trip to Kelowna into five picture categories for you skim-through readers (yes, i care about you all that much ^-^):

1) pitstop

2) park

3) beach
the girl on the very left above is one of my sister's older friends. they've reunited since the trip. tear tear (':
okay anyway...

4) farm

5) trampoline

i was surrounded by little kids on this trip. i was beginning to feel like one! = =
the drive to Ktown was a little annoying. my mother is pretty neurotic just by herself, but when on the freeways and highways, she can get a LOT more neurotic. still, it was a good trip, in comparison with other trips our family has taken. my grandparents were smart enough to bring a whole bag of food and i snacked on stuff the whole way. i love my grandparents <3

anyway, i'll leave you guys with a few photos of cars on the road.
oh, and this vlog:

VLOG #5: update on the poll. looks like i'm doing a lady gaga vid!?

ps. eek photo-overload. i promise i didn't plan on this. hope you enjoyed anyway? :3
back to regular posting soon! xxx


  1. seems like a lot of fun :] i wish my family took more trips together.. i wish i took more trips period. maybe learing to drive soon is a good thing, i can drive around then :D

  2. Hey girly! I love your pictures! When i was younger my family always use to travel around.. it was fun while it lasted.. ;D I can't wait to start taking pics for my blog..

  3. sounds like tons of fun! And your mom sounds a lot like mine, with the stressing on highways, not to mention i was woken up at 5/6 in the morning by her being told we were leaving for the beach and did i/ didn't i want to go? haha family vaca's, so entertaining!

    btw, I was MIA for a little, but i read your last few posts and just wanted to say, stay strong and don't let dbag boys get you down, i know how you felt and just wanted to say they're not worth it!

  4. Haha! This sounds just like my family road trips!
    Surrounded by little kids and annoying siblings, LOTS of junk food, etc. etc.
    And actually we took one quite recently..to Alberta. And we passed by Kelowna! So, whoo, this is a deja-vu-type post!
    AND MY MOM IS NEUROTIC TOO! But she stresses out at airports mostly.
    love you too! :D

  5. looks like you had fun.
    lovely blog btw.

  6. family trips can't get a bit boring at times but it seems like you had a great one...
    i'll be looking forward to your gaga video ;p

    eclectic du jour

  7. Yay for Ktown! It's absolutely beautiful there.

    Again, loved your vlog. I need some tips on how to do my nails perfectly because I seem to have trouble staying inside the lines. The lines being the where my nails and cuticles meet.

  8. awesome trip..:)
    Gaga will be so much fun I think! let's make it, girl!!^^

  9. I love trips :) even if it's with a dysfunctional family lol.

    annd to respond to that last comment which I will reply super late now: renren is like the chinese fb. because fb is banned in china >:O
    super strictness .

    btw where in china did u move from? :D


  10. That last set of pictures is amazing! Almost enough to make me want to move out West. I think I might have said this before but you have an eye for taking good pictures. Also your mom sounds just like mine when it comes to travel. xD

    I'm looking forward to your Gaga video! I still wish you were doing "Blah Blah Blah" though :D

  11. W.O.W.

    The last pictures are amazing looking!

    And thank you for narrowing it down, because I am a skimmer =]

  12. your pictures are all lovely, but those last road/sky ones are definitely my favourties.

  13. awwwhh those photos are so cute :) :)


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