what a day (:

[edit: I've posted up some answers to your burning questions on my Formspring! I answered one about my decision to start a blog, and another on how I created my header!]

I slept at 6 am yesterday, and was woken up by a phone call from the public library at 12 noon. Then my bestie, F. (whom you probably all know and love dearly -- but not as much as I LOVE HER :D) texted me to come help her dye her hair "golden brown".

I rushed over madly (i.e. took about an hour and a half to fully wake up, get dressed in something comfy, and put on makeup) with my work uniform in a Roots bag (work @ 4:30 - 9:30) and a pair of fake Converse upon my feet.

Here are a few pics of me trying to help her. In the end, she gave up on me and told me she'd do it. Lolz.

... and TADA, here we are:

... more importantly, here's F.'s new hair colour:

My outfit for church on Sunday (yes, I've been going to church again! surprising, n'est-ce pas?):
I bought these heart-printed shorts, alongside other items, from Crew Heaven (facetrading Facebook group) and was thoroughly disappointed when I received the batch. For one thing, a sweater I bought did not look anything like the model's sweater, and I feel as if I've been completely ripped off.

Also, the quality of this pair of shorts is terrible!

And though the shorts were only priced at $13, my own mother remarked that I could've gotten a better quality pair of shorts directly from China for about $2 Canadian = =

So yup, that is my Facetrading horror story. Okay, it's not so bad. From afar, the shorts look cute. Though the fabric is rough and cheap, at least it looks wearable. Sigh. I'm thinking of DIYing it a bit to make it a bit more tapered. Dunno how I will achieve that since I suck at everything DIYish.

I'm sending out my love to all you lovelies!
{{2 more weeks before school! I need to get started on editing my Extended Essay and reviewing Chem and Bio! Start the Stressed-Out-It's-School-Again countdown!!!}}

Lol, funny thing: Flora and I walked into Starbucks to get some coffee before I had to bus to work, and two of my classmates were there as well -- typing away on their laptops, across from each other on a table. Very hard workers, these two. Also, they're both Asian, but that's beside the point. (; Hehe, I can make Asian jokes. So it reminded me that I had a LOT of homework to complete before the start of school. AND I have to go and take my L test for driving soon! Will be v. v. busy... ):


  1. those shorts look really nice on you, even if they are a bit rubbishy, and the whole outfit is really nice :) and is that top at the top of the post from topshop? gosh that was a lot of tops in one sentence.
    to wear with a denim blouse: well i guess you could go double denim? or wear it over a really pretty dress. i just don't know.
    and thank you for the congratulations! i was so so so pleased with my exam results, i jumped on everyone :') and i'll have to do a post just dedicated to my cartilage piercing! :')
    by the way, in order to get my hair like that, i curled the bottom layer with straighteners and then messed it up with my fingers. it was nice for about five minutes so next time... HAIRSPRAY.
    this was a stupidly long comment :D
    x x x

  2. I like this new layout and colors :D

    I think I saw that feather top in the first few pix at target. I love the clothes at target x]

    I have to take my permit test tomorrow :| I've taken 6 practice tests. one was a 250 question quiz. I failed the first one and second time I got a B. MWHAHAHAHA. I hope I pass tomorrow.. BLAH!!

  3. Love all the tops shown here; you have great hair and skin!

    www.purelovefashionn.blogspot.com x

  4. Your skin looks pretty flawless to me, and you told me that you have the worst skin in the world? That's far from the truth. Anyway, you're really pretty, and I love your smile. Hehe! It's really crappy that the shorts are of bad quality, and you really should complain to them about it. Maybe you would be able to get a refund from it or something along those lines.

    Congratulations on going back to Church. :)

  5. You have perfect skin!!! I'm April a new follower. I adore your blog. Please more outfit blog posts! :)

  6. woww love the skirtsss! maybe you must fix it to make it better :) glad to see you going to church again! your God actually miss you for come to Him ;)
    followed\linked, mind to follow\link me back? ;)


  7. The shorts do look cute... from far away. =] I've gotten ripped off a few times from online purchases too. Your outfit looks great overall though.


  8. Hello dear :) Lovely post , but I'm sorry for the non-quality shorts..

  9. oohhh!!! even though the shorts are poor quality, it looks great on you. I wish I was more photogenic!


    And, um, biggest RIP OFF EVER?! (hahaahhahahahahahahahahhaha do you get my pun?!?! Rip off - like... it RIPPED, physically. But then, rip off - like, "aw poop waste of money." Damn, I'm SO PUNNY.) (They are super cute shorts though!)

    And askdjaldj CANT BELIEVE SCHOOL'S SO SOON. Two weeks today. Exactly. SIIIIIGH.


  11. cute outfits!! ;)

    for the internet, those shorts are good enough quality cuz we would have never known they were like that haha

  12. Awww, I'm sorry about those shorts dear. You should give them hell! You did a wonderful job with the hair dye job and I love the white shirt with the purple and gray feather graphics.

  13. great photos!! i love the outfit!! the shorts are adorable <3 and the feather top is pretty awesome :)

  14. you're beautiful!
    lovely blog!

  15. bummer for not having a topshop in canada! although you do get forever 21, right? we're getting a store in london soon, but it's like a 5 hour train ride! gaah. i can't guess where you got the top from but i'm going to assume it's not somewhere you're proud of right?
    short hair is fine and dandy but it gets really boring after a while, you can do so little with it! i'm at least growing it past my shoulders so i can do beehives or fishtail plaits.
    hey, just ebay your little heart out :') the worst they can do is close your account :/ why don't you ask your parents for help on the whole 18+ thing?
    x x x

  16. That's too bad about the shorts! How disappointing. Oh, and your friend's hair actually looks really cute!

  17. btw, george harrison is the 4th beatle who nobody remembers :'( but he was BRILLIANT
    x x x

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. haha..actually, I want to make a compliment about the heart shorts. but, it's still cute if you don't look it closely..
    Your story about helping your friend, made me miss my boarding house friends. I used to help them to dye their hair..

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  20. Good on you for going to Church again! I haven't been going for a while (because of work) and I used to hate it when I went anyway because the chairs were all hard and my church is filled with old people. . .

    Oh, and I also hate watching horror movies alone. I want to watch Nightmare on Elmstreet but none of my friends want to watch it either.

  21. i like so much your style.this outfit is soo cool!!!

  22. I'm loving the feather shirt (and the shorts too, even if they're messed up).

  23. Those shorts are cute, even if they are of poop quality.
    Oh well, you win some and you lose some, eh? ;)

    I love your giant, nerd-esque glasses--I need a pair of those!

    Also, I'm actually pretty stoked for school, probably b/c I'm finally TAKING COURSES I WANT! MAYUAHSASHDS~!!! :D

    Hope grade 12's not super stressful for you, like it was for me! D:

  24. Hey ! =)
    He's my brother !
    OMG you speak french very very good !
    When do you go back to school ? And Where are u from ?

    XOXOX :)

  25. Very nice outfit !:) You both look amazing!:) I add your blog to my links, check out mine:)

  26. seriously, LIKE I SAY。
    online shopping, get used to it.

    yeah pce.



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