I want to go there.

Short post for today. Actually, my agenda...

11:00am -> Value Village
11:30am -> meet up with dance team
12:00 - 2:00pm -> rehearsal
2 - 4:30pm -> church
5 - 6:00pm -> church choir
6:30pm - ? -> meet up with Leo Club kids to make a film to present at assemblies

Present film and Leo introductions at Gr. 8 and Gr. 10 assemblies.

TONIGHT (Sunday morning o_o):
- Chem textbook questions
- French worksheets [geographical prep., review of P.C.] & read textbook pp. 44-47
- Math worksheets [handout, exponential growth] & Math tests WED + FRI
- start/finish reading One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich for English
- write Leo introductions for assemblies
- work on Extended Essay

- Bio class @ 7:30am


  1. Wow. Your schedule seems so busy! Oh and your leggings is awesome. =D

  2. you are so packed! goodluck for your tasks mimi :))
    loving your thigh, awesome !

  3. you seen very busy
    but keep this gorgeous outfit posts coming please!
    you look ever so lovely xx

  4. oh these photos are adorable!
    love the tights.


    PS. come join my give-away:

  5. talk about bz week!! How do you even have time to blog? your amazing. ♥ the new layouts!

  6. Great tights!

    www.purelovefashionn.blogspot.com x

  7. i love your tights! enjoy your day, mimi :) check my new post yea!


  8. kind of in love with your tights. amazing much?

  9. UGH. Back to school schedules are so busy! I'm busy like a BEE. I'm buzzing everywhere. Flapping my wings in craziness. Okay. I'll stop with the awkward and ineffecient descriptions to illustrate business.

    ALSO, why is bio class SO EARLY?! WHY?! I'm eating breakfast then, girrrl! Is that when your school starts?

    P.S. I like your tights. They are faboush.

    Haha thanks for your comment! No worries, I'm not ACTUALLY (that) socially awkward and mean. I like my classmates enough; I've just known them for so long that I'm bored and ready for change hahah. But I'll send them virtual hugs through hear! *hug* *hug* *hug* (you can claim one of those virtual hugs, too.)


  10. love your lacey legging, Mimi. (is it lacey or pattern? whatever that i still love it :D )

    whoaa seems like you are so busy . dont forget to watch about your health :)


  11. I SO WANNA DO THAT!! OMG tho I'd probably chicken out.... Love the outfit!

  12. I SO WANNA DO THAT!! OMG tho I'd probably chicken out.... Love the outfit!

  13. these pictures of you are adorable..love the lace! and where do i get my money? oh im a working girl and love to treat myself hahah bad bad bad


  14. sounds like quite a plan you've got going there! Do you have an exam coming up or just studying and catching up with your home work and such?

    RE: thanks for the helpful critisim! I find sticking to the same tense really hard when I'm writing. But I'm taking some extended English classes so I can hopefull get better at that and my descriptions! I always just put on little discriptions because it's so boring going through the whole thing. It's just like WRITE, WRITE, WRITE.

    Gald you enjoyed it!


  15. and sorry for the rather large comment. your probably staring at it thinking 'oh man. . .'

  16. little miss soy! :p i wore shorts and tights toooo!! hehehe.xox.havea good week.

  17. I could easily get a headache just by reading your schedule. Whoa.
    Yes, I LOVE indie music almost as much as I love country and western (which is a lot). Some of my favourite indie artists are: Lisa Mitchell, Vampire Weekend, Sarah Blasko, Cloud Control, The XX, Boy And Bear, Frightened Rabbit, and Angus And Julia Stone. They’re mostly Australian, might I add.

  18. I love those stockings/leggings/tights. LOL.

    That fun park's rides look just like the sort which my friends would force me onto.
    I'd rather stick to the merry-go-round, thank you (which are, surprisingly, very much fun)

  19. those tights are epic in the most epic way :) your agenda sounds exciting as well! way more exciting than mine :) mine's pretty much, wake up, put on make up, school, come home, take off make up, bed.
    the make up is a very important part of course :')
    thanks for the advice! i think it is important i wear what i want and not what other people want :) i wore bright red lipstick today and guess what? nothing happened. i should be more daring.
    x x x

  20. I love those tights! & yeah, my agenda is unfortunately pretty packed like that everyday - but at least youve got a bit of shopping in there :D

  21. nice legging. sorry for late reply... oh and about the photo on editor you can get it by download them via soompi forum

  22. i really like this outfit, especially the floral stockings!

  23. love your tights!

    and you have leo club at your school? we do too, im on blood drive committee, haha

  24. You have such a busy schedule. I love those tights.
    Thank you for the comment on my previous post.
    I take all my photos. I use the 10 second timer. I usually set my camera on anything that won't break it..lol
    Have a great day.


  25. Your agenda looks so much better than mine.

    I have several tattoos, seven of them to be precise. The one on my neck is a bio-hazard symbol. And it's my first tattoo which I got when I was 18. The story is super complicated but I'm never a huge story teller with tattoos because I think it really doesn't what you get, you'll make meanings out of it. So I get things tattooed on me because I simply have sentimental attachments to every single one of them and not necessarily a big, grand, profound back-story.

    I do wear glasses and all of my glasses have prescriptions. I'm pretty much blind without glasses or contacts so I am stuck with only a few pair of glasses in the wintertime when I'm not wearing contacts for the sake of wearing shades.

    That ride looks absolutely awesome! I really want to go. I went to Six Flags when I went to St.Louise a while ago. And coming back to our humble Playland ride after that trip was definitely under-stimulating.

    What are you going to take in university?

  26. Oh, sorry. I just noticed that I never answered your question! So here's the answer:

    We can change the outfit, it's not private schooly or anything. If what you mean by customising you mean having splotches of paint all over your school shirt. Nah, that's just mine:D

  27. Thanks for visiting my blog :) I really do appreciate it :)) Anyway, I don't wanna talk about chemistry anymore haha! It really makes me sick!

    BTW, i love you pose in your pics in lookbook.nu and I love you style! Awesome!

  28. Always like the lacey tights.
    Looks like we've both got lots of things to do!


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