all hallow's eve

Guess who I was for Halloween?
No, seriously guess haha.

EDIT: I was Pocahontas!

This was my Nerd Day outfit:
I love my Homer tee and AA suspenders. <3

My Extended Essay is due tomorrow! Wish me luck guys. I still have a bit to write and revise. Scared for my life here.

I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show last night. It was... interesting. Not what I expected at all. Okay... kinda what I expected: loud, annoying, and confusing. The songs were okay. I was singing "Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me" this morning without realizing it.

Happy Halloween, lovelies! Dress up as scary creatures of the night, and eat all your candy (:
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  1. awwww ^__^ i love nerd!!! and i love your nerd outfit ^_^ homer simpson ROCKS!!!

  2. Love you nerd outfit, and especially love that outfit in the first of your photos.
    You look like that girl. I cant remember her name. . . Sakudaweia. Sorry, I cant spell her name, but hopefully you get what I mean.

  3. I think you oculd be the little indian girl in peter pan...of i've forgotten her name.

    Love nerding it up

    Bright Green Laces

  4. I think you oculd be the little indian girl in peter pan...of i've forgotten her name.

    Love nerding it up

    Bright Green Laces

  5. Cute ! (^(エ)^)

    ehhh... you're a hippie? modern pocahontas? irdk, but it looks über cool! haha XD

  6. hmmmmm.... were you Pocahontas?
    lol the nerd outfit cracked me up, I loved it!

    And I love the t shirttt ! I think it's funny how Homer looks like he's about to like ..eat your legs :I !

    Hahahhaha your poses <3

  8. haha, i love your suspenders! you've never seen rocky horror til just now? its amazing! definitely give it another try, i know its totally weird, but its really funny! if you ever have the chance you should go to a rocky horror party/movie show- its where they play the movie and give you stuff to throw at the screen or dance and everyone dresses in drag. you also scream everytime someone says janet and say "whore!!!" or "castles don't have phones!" it's a blast, trust me!

  9. NERRRRRRRRRRD. So cute!

    Um, Halloween?! Um. I suck at guessing costumes, but I'll go with a gypsy/ foreign beauty kind of thing? FAIL I KNOW. Do spill!


  10. Wow wow wow you are awesome! Loving the nerd outfit suspenders. Hmm I'm guessing a hippie, indian, queen or something? I'm terrible at guessing games. And I guess Rocky Horror picture show is an acquired taste. I love it, but I know a lot of people think it's terrible lol.

  11. great homer shirt :D
    thank you for adding me to your blogroll :) i am glad you found a selution to support me! of course i added you to my special blogroll, too. your blog is gorgeous :)
    greetings, ari from www.madameariana.blogspot.com

  12. I'm going for the Indian too (OMG I just realised that you guys have the same word for Indians in India and Indians as in Native Americans!)
    Aaaah, the jeans are sooo great! Homer T-shirt is too, but the jeans, aaarg, I want them!
    How did the Exteneded Essay go?

  13. I love both outfits! The nerd costume is so fun

  14. Nice t-shirt! I want that too! =)



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