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So I spent $26.50 today on a skirt and a faux fur-tail (yes, a fur-tail; apparently they're "in" this winter... well, I better jump on that bandwagon while I still can!) and it will arrive, freshly shipped from Taiwan, in about 7-10 business days. Right before I made the purchase today, I received my package ($57, spent a month ago) from another retailer located in Hong Kong. I must say, shipping costs a bundle these days. Nonetheless, I keep spending and spending. I'm now waiting for one last package (only $20!) from a retailer located in NY (phew... a bit closer) and hopefully the personal cheque went through with no problems. I actually don't really care if the cheque went through... I don't even really want my items anymore. It was just an impulsive decision, like most of my online shopping sprees. Seriously... I don't even remember what I ordered. That is not good.

I think the worst thing about shopping online, is that you really don't know where your money is going. Who knows if they're just going to take your money and run away the next day? It's so easy to disappear from the internet; just a click of the mouse: "delete" or "change name" or whatever. I've taken that risk 10+ times already and I don't really worry too much over it anymore. But still... the thought of someone taking $60 from me and disappearing just like that...

I think I must've spent over $500 just this summer, on clothes. Not including purchases by direct cash (which was maybe around $150). My debit card is really sad and empty right now. My chequing account currently holds... $2.67.

You might say "Shopaholic!!!!!!!!"
and you would be right. I think I need some rehab. Please oh please take away my bank card for a few weeks. I have no source of income at the moment, especially since I only work once a week now (umm, $40/week); I didn't even work last week because of some stupid student council event!

What can I do?
When I'm not doing homework, or not sleeping, all I do is browse the internet and online stores/retailers! It's so annoying! I can't even help myself, I just find myself scrolling down a page full of "great deals!" and "sale!" and "only $25! so cheap!" and I think to myself, "Oh God, I need to get that right away!"

So I transferred $26.50 to the retailer about an hour ago... I don't really even want my items anymore. Like usual. I felt so happy for 5 minutes... and then everything went back to normal again, like "pffffffffft".

Maybe when I receive all my items, I'll feel happy again. Right now, it's like it never happened. All that changed is the amount of money in my bank. And that... I'm not too happy about. I want to be rich one day. Take Business major. Start a business. Be successful. Marry well. BECOME RICHHHH.

Okay, that was one of the longest confession I've ever written on this blog. But it is a confession. Hopefully I reached out to all of you shopaholics out there, who are just trying to find your way through the world-- Wait, wtf am I saying? I LIKE TO SHOP. I CAN'T HELP MYSELF. SHOPPING MAKES ME A BIT HAPPIER. EVEN WHEN I BECOME BROKEASS. LIKE NOW. I NEED HELP... NO... I NEED MORE MONEY.

(weird outfits lately... not feeling very well. I didn't even eat dinner today because I needed a nap. I didn't eat lunch today because I was too sleepy to be hungry. I slept in my spare, and slept in my Psych class. I only got 3 hours of sleep last night... and last last night. Shitloads of homework to be done... and I'm online shopping.)



  1. oh that faux fur tail is quite cool. love the looks. I need moe money tooo!

    Bright Green Laces

  2. Your outfit is so stylish! I love it. Thanks for sharing! And me too. Shopping makes me happy and cheers me up 100000 times. Although I'm broke, I can't break the habit and end up borrowing money from friends. Sigh, someone please help?! D:

  3. Lusting these outfits.. I really love the mesh undershirt, and i'm totally digging the fur tail- i picked one up at H&M a couple weeks ago :) so much fun! Now following you here and on bloglovin'


  4. Lol, I so feel the same about shopping and internetshopping XD

    But the foxtail looks real, I have two foxtails; a fake from H&M (did I say fox? reminds me more of a bulk of dead fried bad colored synthetical hairextensions =.=) and a real one. I hope yours isn't as bad as my faux one XD

  5. Lol you seriously need some help!! Dont shop for a week. Yeah i dont think that will even work for 1 day. hahah


  6. okay, cute outfit on the first picture. i don't really dig the faux tail since i REALLY love animals but i get where you're going with this. but i really like the bag that you got ! can i haveee it?! lol keeding!

  7. i totally agree, i hate how theres like this little area of uncertainty as to when your package is coming and if the products will actually turn out the way you expect!

    i've just found out that some contacts i pre-ordered haven't been ordered because they claimed they never received my payment. grr super headache!

    ps good luck with your essay :3



  9. my friend got one of those tails! n now a lot of people are wearing them.
    it's gonna be like the "i love boobies" bracelets. my friend started wearing them like years ago, and suddenly everyone had them at the end of summer.

  10. Hahah, I assure you, you're not the only one with the problem ! Have you ever tried keeping a budget ? I have a limit on my credit card and only ever use that much .. which helps me curb my cravings for online shopping ! I actually think that outfit is funky. I love the mesh ~ really 90's grunge scene ;-D

  11. Thank you for agreeing with me about Jennifer Aniston. I feel so much better to know there are people out there who thinks like me not like my love of my life!!

    Love Nana

  12. LOL! i haven't read the book so im not smite yet. but what's angels and demons about ? i'm quite interested cus it was available but i was too scared at the thought of the title in which consisted of "demon" on it xD

  13. u hab such fun chic style..love it..And love the backpack with the fur tail..


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