I recently went around the mall and handed out my resumes to three stores: Urban Planet, Sirens, and Garage Clothing. I really really really hope I get a call back for at least one of these stores, because I really really really want to work in retail, with people who have a love of fashion (like me). And b/c of the discounts on clothing too (;

I also went shopping ^-^ I bought a boyfriend cardi in beige @ Garage, in size L. I absolutely love loose fits right now. I wore it today with my oversized blouse and purple tights (no pants!) and boots. So comfy and simple. Unfortunately, I'm getting hella lazy and did not take a picture :[ Sorry, guys. You can go ahead and give me an e-facepalm.

Thanks for that... I needed it!

Thankfully, I have other outfit pics that I took over the weekend (when I was not being lazy).

Bought a floral bandeau from Garage as well. Only $7.50 and the store had a gazillion different colours and patterns. I suggest you all go and buy one! So cute underneath a tank/top or even by itself (only for the more gutsy dressers tho, hehe; I had to wear it under something b/c of school dress codes = =).

My mom's H&M quilted bomber jacket is delish. Thanks, mom. I'm glad we have the same interest in fashion, although sometimes I really hope you stop wearing ankle-length skirts and try maybe knee-length. You are only 5 ft in height, please lengthen yourself by wearing fitted clothing and shorter hemlines.

OH! I received my package from Take Beauty (+ here as well)! She is an online retailer located in California, and her items are super lovely. She's having a clearance sale right now so everything is uber cheap! I bought 5 items from her for only $20, no shipping! Check it out. She's really friendly, and I didn't know that I had to convert $20 CAD into USD, so basically it was $2.00 USD short, but she was so nice about it and told me it's alright. Her items are awesome, and great quality:
Leopard scarf, owl necklace, ladybug watch necklace, earrings, white stockings = $20 in total!
The sky was really beautiful yesterday, b/c of the rain.


ps. I didn't stop by Old Navy this weekend, but I hope to soon, before the sale's over! I'm going to hitchhike there. Jks, I will bus like usual (: Hopefully I can find that exact coat in my size at the store!


  1. the owl necklace is so cute, love it!


  2. hayyy Lovin the new layout :) I really like that cardigan
    and I hope you get called back!! Good luck!


  3. Oh, good luck for the job, dear!((: Pursuing your dream is the most important thing;)

    Love the accesories!

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  4. Love your outfits.
    Why do you look so good in them? xD

  5. aw, i love that picture of you in your moms jacket and those jeans- you look amazing!! haha- i laughed when you said your mom wears ankle length skirts. my mom always works (she's an RN at a hospital in the NICU working with very sick babies) so she hardly has time to dress up or buy nice clothes for herself- half the time she's in her scrubs or jeans and t-shirts, but when she dresses up she looks beautiful!

    i'm crossing my fingers for you- i hope you get one of those new jobs! keep us updated! <3

  6. Hi there!
    What a lovely blog you have here!
    Great inspiration and pictures! Thanks for sharing darlin'.. Love the picture of the cat!

    Wanna be followers? Let me know..
    Love from Stockholm.. xoxox

  7. YOUR OUTFIT IS AMAZING! adorable blog.

  8. i'm so jealous you get to go shopping.

    i havent been SHOPPING for sooo long, because i always need to read/study/do stupid university stuff like buy groceries instead of clothes


    i really like the h&m jacket


  9. Aww, the houses in Canada look so cool!
    Hope you get into that job, I bet they'd be impressed since you bought some stuff from them!

    Good luck(;

  10. Hope you get the job ! What do you currently do ? I worked retail for awhile, but decided to take on something more in my field of expertise. I think retail would be great for you ;-) Yay for discounts !

    Roflmao @ the facepalm.

    Haha. It's okay. You're a girl, 5ft is acceptable. Now on the other hand if you were a guy, it would not be good ! I don't mean to sound creep but you have nice legs ;-P

  11. I love the outfits !
    You look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures babe ! :D

    I hope you get the job ! x

  12. ahhh can we be sisters and share clothes!? i love your adorable style!

    and i hope you get hired from one of those places that you applied for. *fingers crossed* if not... apply again! LOL

  13. You really have the best outfits! You look so good in them, even the most simple ones.
    Oh, and I love the photos of the street/sky! Very pretty!

  14. i'll have to check out that website...i'm liking the leopard scarf!


  15. cool blog!
    i followed(: do you want to follow mine?

    X lightningfactory.blogspot.com

  16. that owl necklace is divine

    love your blog : )


  17. gosh, i would really want that floral shirt, but don't know what to wear over it... what you wore over it is perfect.
    That sky, pretty, and the road reflects it, making it seem sparkling.

  18. i love your strapless flower shirt !
    it's soo cute ! i have a dress that looks almost the same :)



  19. I love the floral bandeau! It adds a lot of detail to any outfit! :) I would love if you checked out my blog at http://fabulousfinds4.blogspot.com/ Your blog is awesome!


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