Jeez, my blog was not accepted for Google Adsense. I wonder why. Any tips, guys? I'm thinking of making some money on this blog, since senior year has basically drained all my hard-earned money. Add a phone bill onto that, and my shopping habits... well, let's just say I'm BROKEASS. Like usual.

So sorry for the disappearance... I usually post more than once/11 days O.O This is just me being a lazy blogger, and I apologize for that! I've been studying and doing homework and attending university info stuff and just haven't had time to post.
Even though I desperately wanted to.

I'm getting sloppy at commenting on your posts too! I'm so sorry ): After Christmas, I hope to get back on the wagon and reply to all your lovely comments.

I've applied to UBC: 1st choice, Commerce @ Sauder School of Business; 2nd choice, Science. I hope I get accepted to Sauder. I just need to finish my supplementary app before Feb 28, 2011. No procrastination!

H&M cardigan, Old Navy skirt, Walmart top, owl necklace & leopard leggings bought online

Old Navy black henley, Garage cardi, Billabong shorts, DIY cross bracelet
The bracelet was so itchy. I don't think I'm wearing that ever again. Maybe if I change the chain to metal instead of stretchy string thingy.

Augh, my skin is so itchy and irritated. I'm breaking out almost every day now, and I hate that! I think it's the combo of face stuff I'm using. It's not a good system, because I'm using different brands of cleansers and moisturizers and toners. If I can just stick to one brand... But I'm too poor to go buy another 3-step cleanser thingies. And I can't just waste all these cosmetics. Sigh.

Pics of some lovely people wearing lovely coats.

See you uptown, 
xoxo Mimi.


  1. I think you have to be 18 for Google Adsense.

  2. i like the second outfit. i think it's best without the cross anyway hahaha. it does look like it could get pretty itchy though.

    anyway, if you're busy. you're busy. no apologies :] do best at school FIRST! blogging is just to pass the time hehehe

    also, i didn't know that you have to be approved to get adsense. the heck? lol. i hate going broke too.. you should try points2shop instead. ohhhh if you consider it... can i email you a referral so that i can get points too?

    basically it's a site were you do surveys and you get money for it. or if you don't want money you get credits for amazon.com :} awesome right? i've been doing it for the past 4 days when im bored and i got 14 bucks already. haha... oh and every 100 is an equivalent a dollar in amazon ^_^ anyway think about it and let me know?


    (+) new blog!: http://blessedwithgoodjeans.blogspot.com

  4. Maybe you could have a garage sale or something, get rid of your old junk and get some good kaching ;D

    I love that feather shirt. I found something like it in the op shop but it was too big for me (gigantic sad face). I also like your braclette and that knitted cardigan, something I also found too big for me in the big old Op.

    Anyway, I hope you have fun studying!!!

  5. lust lust lusting the last photo I"m slightly obsessed with her skirt! Now following you here and on bloglovin'


  6. Hello Mimi ;-)

    You have to apply for google adsense ? Didn't now that ! ;-O

    Also, I hope you get into your school of choice ! It was kind of a scary period in my life, the gap between finishing HS exams & receiving acceptance letters (plus it's all published in the newspapers as well ;-x)

    I must say, I LOVE the owl necklace. I've have a thing for owls since Harry Potter X-D

  7. beautifull post :D i'm new on blogger :D if you want to follow me i'll follow you back:D xoxo http://martinathesolarflare.blogspot.com/

  8. i really really really like your bracelet!! x


  9. I just discovered your blog and its awesome! I LOVE IT! I like your style! YOUr clothes! ALL! I LIKE IT! I FOLLOw you! visit my blog ;) and follow me if you like it!



  10. I love (!) the first outfit. The cardigan is the best, i think.
    Your blog is awesome, too. Keep it up :)
    a small view of my blog would be very nice. He is still in its infancy but I'd be very happy if you would look inside. :)

  11. I love what you did to your blog while I was gone! Specially the header.
    I like the 2nd photo, with the owl, makes you look more adorable. ^-^

  12. 0mg. I absolutely love your style. I love your owl necklace. Where did you get it from??? x

    Please check out my blog and feel free to follow :



  13. I love all of the photos, both of your outfits :)


  14. I'm pretty much broke 24/7 as well. Too much shopping ain't good for ya =P


  15. Fantastic looks!!you look so good)


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