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Last post was one of those sad, depressing posts, wasn't it? Well... here's a more cheerful one. Don't worry -- there are more sad posts to come. Life is sad, sometimes, and I blog about life, and so some blogs will be more sad than others. Woah, I just used the words "blog" and "sad" like 2 times each in one sentence. Ew.

Congrats to Wendy of Lovestory! You have won the giveaway pack of awesomeness and epic epicness :D
Your blog is so adorable, btw! You are ze master of coding and cute layouts <3
Enjoy your gift, and thank you for reading Soyconfessions!

So... any other news?
Grad cruise is coming around, but I don't think I'm going. It's $75 for a sit-down dinner and basically a dance on a boat. The price is not including a dress though. The dress will probably cost a bit more =.= I don't know if I should go! It's not exactly an event where you absolutely must bring a date, but it's not exactly an informal party either. I don't know if I'll have fun. Sure, I'll be with a few friends, but lately, I've not really felt the close-knit mesh-top of friendship. Most of my close friends tend to pair off involuntarily (at least I think it's involuntary), which leaves me by myself sometimes. Often. Usually.

I'm definitely going to all the other grad events, don't get me wrong! I'm so excited for grad dance and dry grad afterparty (i.e. no alcohol) (sucks eh) (jk, I don't drink) (lol @ all these parentheses) and all those other things. But they're not happening til graduation, which is a long ways away! I'm hoping to bring a date (; Dunno who yet but I am scourging the plains, believe me.

Things are looking up, btw! I'm not as nervous about due dates anymore, and though I still procrastinate a good 2/3 of my day, I don't feel like raging or, you know, upset about homework as much. I procrastinate. So what. I still get A's. Straight A's, in fact. I have a GPA above 90%. I'm in the safe zone, so I don't need to worry (I tell myself that 24/7). The thing is, I'm still not getting enough sleep. Sometimes I sleep as late as 4am just to wake up at 7am for school. And I'm late almost everyday now, for choir and classes, which makes a really bad impression on teachers. But it's all give and take! To feel less stressed, I stop caring about time, which makes me sleep late, wake up late, and late for classes (late x 3).

Oh well.

Some 2010 pics from school friends:
(this is a group pic from Leo Club Charter Night)

- - -

In other news...I want this jacket!

Guess which store this ruffled front jacket is from?

Go on.
Take a guess.


Old Navy, say what (; I might go coat shopping tomorrow. I heard there's a sale too -- 50% off all jackets and outerwear! Perfect. Parkas, trenchcoats, double-breasted jackets, all half price. MMMHM. Have fun, shoppers.



  1. I think you should go, maybe you'll meet new people or maybe actually have fun. My senior trip was in a boat and I had tons of fun, but it depends on you. I wasnt really with my friends either, I just had only one friend talking to me, cuz all of them were having too much fun dancing. And you can just stuff yourself with delicious food, that always works :)

    Lucky straight A's. Ohhhh awesome jacket... *runs to Old Navy*

  2. OLD NAVY? no way! lol it's chic but is it warm??

  3. old navy?!?!?! wow i'm surprised. looks cute though!

  4. EH?! NO WAAYYY. *O*

    tytytyty x3 master? pshhhh urs are cute + PROOOOOO. :PP

    thankyoo. owo &alrighty! ^__^~ grats on getting near to 300 followers! crazy. XD~~

  5. The jacket looks great! Can't believe it's from Old Navy! :D


  6. oh i'm a sucker for a nice coat, did you buy it? Also how did your sunday pan out

    re:your comment
    you remember correctly, i am emgaged with 8 chaotic months to go and very happy so clearly not emotionally scarred. My little sister faced racism for not being chinese in australai which was sort of random so i suppose it still exists. It just depends on how the individual deals with it

    hail storms here. back to my cosy couch

  7. great opst thanks for sharing and i love the red coat x

  8. ahhahahahah. you wrote me the longest comment evaaaa <3 wow.
    nice !

    i would say GO to the grad cruise, but if money is really tight, than dont. i felt like prom and all that, was really overrated. and i actually didnt like it in the end (like i knew i wouldnt) but the fact that i went means i can now talk bs about it :) but if there are other stuff, like other grad parties than yeah, dont go to the cruise one.

    oh no. and i hate being third wheeler too D: teeehee. ask the boy out. i still dont have the guts to do things like that, but i really hope you do !

    WORK HARD BUDDY. not discouraging you, but you should always aim high because sometimes, some universities are mean. and they pick THE BEST. whihc means those nerds with 100%. and then you dont get in. and it sucsk. believe me. i got rejected by one last year (although i dont regret it)

    YES. dearblankpleaseblank is so awesome. i spend some of my time in class just reading it. LOL. horrible, that site may make me fail.

    i study for the other 20 hours ... well okay ... uhm "study" means going out to bbt with friends. OHMY. there are 3 BUBBLE TEAS in the plaza across from where i live.

    yeaah, keeping in touch with hs friends. they came to visit one weekend, and things got pretty wild/bad. dont drink is a good value to live to, okay! stick to it kay.

  9. Haha, in grade 8 we did something like that. Except it was called a Disco Cruise. Yes, that's right. A DISCO CRUISE. Envy? Obviously.

    (But it was actually a lot of fun! We still talk about it today, at times. I'd go. Even though it's a lot of money now, the memories will be PRICELESS.)

    Good luck with school and jazz. I'm swamped myself. How I wish procrastination didn't have consequences... Um, read: Lexy, STOP COMMENTING ON BLOGS AND WRITE YOUR FREAKING COMPARATIVE ESSAY THAT'S DUE TOMORROW.


  10. Expensive ! But memories don't come cheap these days .. ;-P Nah. But this is the usual price for this kind of event no ? Go and have a good time ! ;-)

    Such a clever girl ! I wish I didn't have to so study much to get a good GPA ! Are you going to university/college next year ? If so, what kind of course are you interested in ? (Sorry if you get asked this a lot .. for a period in my life, it seemed that all people ever really did was ask me that question !).

    Did you get the jacket ? It's gorgeous. Love the colour and the cut !

  11. I love this outfit! I like re colour very much!
    my name's martina and I come back Italy...I would like you follow me! I wait you and your tips!kiss kiss ^^


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