eek 2011?

Where did the time go? Can you guys believe it? A whole new year ahead of us. I'll have to remember to write 2011 instead of 2010 when I start dating my pages of homework.
Augh, I still haven't applied to any scholarships. I really should start... My mom printed out a bunch and gave them to me at the start of winter break and I still haven't looked at them.
My supplementary application for Sauder hasn't been finished yet either.
And yes, I will keep complaining about homework... Because I have a shitload to begin and finish by Jan. 4, 2011(!).

Well, here's a quick review of AcneFree, supposedly "America's #1 Best Selling Acne Treatment" (Hey, I thought Proactiv was #1? :P).
Overall: ★★★☆☆
I used this treatment November of 2009 to January 2010. The "Renewing Toner" ran out first, and it was actually my only preferred product out of the whole treatment. I had to stop using the "Purifying Cleanser" because the scrubbing beads hurt and damaged my skin! Scrubs are generally not recommended for people with acne, by the way, America's #1 Treatment my ass.

I bought the 3 step-treatment for ~$30, and it came with 2 bottles of the Purifying Cleanser, 1 bottle of Renewing Toner, and 1 bottle of Repair Lotion (which was basically just 3.7% Benzoyl Peroxide in a bottle). I didn't like that it came with NO MOISTURIZER at all, so I bought a separate Neutrogena Oil-Free moisturizer to use. Why did they put 2 bottles of the cleanser in the box? I will never know. I still had both bottles, after I finished using the toner and lotion, so I just threw the cleansers out because they were TERRIBLE for my skin.

My skin? It was alright. After using the treatment for a month, most of my acne was under control. However, I had a suspicion that the beads were damaging my skin in the long run, and I think I was correct. I absolutely had to stop using the treatment after the second month because of the cleanser. Scrubs tend to break skin and spread bacteria all over one's face... Not good.

So I give the Acnefree treatment a 3/5 stars. I loved the toner, and the lotion was alright. BP is great for killing the acne bacteria. But the cleanser is CRAP. Please don't buy it... If you can find separates, buy only the toner and the lotion. Not the cleanser. Okay? (:

I actually have a few outfit pics to post... but they're still on my camera. Sorry for my laziness. Procrastination's my middle name. Ya da ya da... I will get those up soon.

My break was pretty good. Spent time with the fam. Opened prez. Ate food. Watched over little kids while adults partied. Went to movies. Slept over at a friends.

Only 4 more days until winter break ends... Really? I have so much to do... To begin doing. I was going to write something. Now I don't have the time to ):

Ah well.

Here's some inspiration for those who do have the time to write:

1 weheartit, 2 teenvogue, 3 4 5 various tumblrs

And look, hey, some motivation for me:


  1. It's kind of amazing how 2011 is just right around the corner ;-; ! LOL. Complain about homework!! Ahhhhhhh. I'm glad that Australia has Summer break now and Uni doesn't resume till March (H) !

    OUTFIT POSTS NAO ;A; hehe <3 jokes

  2. what a lovely post! these pictures are fab, happy 2011!




  3. I really really heart the second picture. Just sayin'. I wish my hair was that swingy, long, and shiiiiiny. :)

    - kyki xx


  4. Awesome photos, they'll make up for the outfit photos you didn't post.

  5. hi~ I just found your blog! i like how u are trying to find urself through writing
    im also from canada, almost same age ;) n i play piano too
    happy new year!!

  6. i was going to use that acnefree when i was breaking out... thank goodness that i didn't because it's so expensive and i had a feeling that it wasn't going to be that good either.

    so sorry that the scrubs damaged your skin a little bit. i say you try st ives apricot scrub. i love love it!!!! i dunno if you will though but hey... it's worth a shot!

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  8. i hate how some products are advertised to be the best.. and for me.. theydont work at all XD ranging from hairdyes, facial cleansers, etcetc. D:

    love the photos. especially the one with yami in it. i used to love yugioh. ah, i was such a nerd. XD ♥ and still am, lol XD

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