the lovely bones (review)

The book (written by Alice Sebold) and the movie adaptation of The Lovely Bones are both beautiful, but in different ways. Though I still prefer the written more than the visual, I must admit that Peter Jackson's use of CGI to create the beautiful landscapes of Susie's "In-between" was very adept and definitely important in creating and delivering his vision of the story. Sebold's novel, however, aims not to be beautiful or inspiring; her words prioritize the conception of the characters, and their individual lives, personalities, and thoughts. Sebold greatly expanded her characters, from Ruana Singh (who was not in the movie at all) to Samuel Heckler, and not just the main characters (Susie Salmon, Jack Salmon, etc.).

I felt as though Jackson didn't understand the more important parts of Sebold's original story, and thus left out details and ideas that I thought should have been present in the film. I realize, however, that adapting literature to film is not an easy task, and that changing some scenes or characters or sub-plots, are very necessary to fit a 372-page novel into a 2-hour movie... so I'm cutting him some slack. But changing the plot from a girl raped and murdered into just a girl murdered really toned down the mood of the story. Jackson chose to present the story to a younger audience, maybe, so for me, I felt like it wasn't as real or raw as it could have been. The Heavens of the book and the film are completely different as well. Jackson's Heavens consisted of things, places, clothes, fun, and it is shared only by two young girls (Holly and Susie). Sebold's Heavens consisted of people, and their ideas. In one part of the book, Susie steps back and watches another girl twirl and twirl and making her skirt go out wide like a circle (no citation because I can't find the page, sorry). I thought this was a spectacular definition of a Heaven, or even happiness. Susie's Heaven is different from other people's ideas of Heaven, even Holly's. Sometimes Holly disappears for a while because she goes away to a part of Heaven that doesn't include Susie. Jackson's Heaven for Susie was a generalization of every little girl's slumber party. Other than the dramatic visuals, and twinkling music, I really don't think Jackson performed in any other aspect of the film, especially the theme. The actress who played Susie Salmon, Saoirse Ronan, did an alright job in portraying 14-year-old Susie Salmon. But I didn't like how the film didn't explore the mature side of Susie, the "older", experienced Susie that wished the readers a "long and happy life" at the end of the novel.

Read the book.
The movie is alright, but it pales in comparison to the book.

Okay, I have a few outfit photos (and randoms) I haven't posted yet, so here they are:


  1. I totally agree with you about the whole movie vs. book thing. Jackson definitely needed to portray Susie as being more thoughtful, mature, and introspective, rather than the typical, sad 14-year old protagonist that she's watered down to be. The book is INCREDIBLE. <3

    I especially love outfit #3. Cuteeeessst dress. :)

    - kyki xx


  2. fantastic shoes!you so pretty!!!

  3. fantastic shoes!you so pretty!!!

  4. I haven't read the book and I've only seen snippets of the movie. But I guess I'll try reading the books - thanks for the reccommendation ;)!

    Ahhh. Love your outfits. Especially the thigh high socks ! And the tights. And is that ONE BLUE sock and one see through/or none? I can't really tell but either way it looks awesome as !

    Mm shoes <3

  5. The Lovely Bones is by far one of my fave books but I haven't seen the movie because they are never as good as the bk..
    Love your outfits, the polka dot skirt is my fave!

  6. Lovelovelove red shoes <3!


  7. I actually know quite a hardy handful of people reading/ who read the Lovely Bones. Hmm, something to check out?

    And I'm luuuhhvin' all your outfits gurrl. Especially the second one, it's FIERCE. And i'm also lovin' the stuffies on your bed. Far too ADORABLE.


  8. Wonderful photos! :)

    Ciao Ciao from Rome


  9. thank you for visiting :)

    btw i really love the skirts u wearing and the heart printed stockings ^_^ so cute :)

  10. I am loving your asymmetric bang you have going on in the first pics.
    Thanks so much for your comment and for visiting my blog. I can't wait to finish my projects and to let you see what the results look like as well. Stay tuned...

    Have a great New Year,

  11. u so hot.......

  12. The outfits are great, particularly the one with the cute mushroom man t-shirt and polka dot skirt. :-)


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