I absolutely hate it when I brush my teeth at around midnight, and then end up clicking through the web at 4 am, completely STARVED. I don't want to go back downstairs to heat up something to eat, b/c 1) I'm lazy. 2) I already brushed my teeth. 3) The people living downstairs will complain about my late-night microwave beeps. and 4) Revisit clause 1.


Okay, anyway, I'm going to do a review on some circle lenses I picked up last week. Hehe.

"Geo Nudy Blue" circle lens  
[edit: Left -3.25, Right -4.00; just forgot to put my prescription in the post, so there it is, if you were wondering how blind I was]

Bought: Online, click here ("Dolly Shoppe" on Facebook)
Price: $15 for 1 pair of lens (+ $1.75 for bus fare to go all the way down to Richmond to pick em up, i.e. facetrade. To save a couple-a bucks on my end. Ha. Ha.) Lasts a year.
Both pics taken w/ flash. I forgot to take a pic w/o flash, sorry guys. I will remember the next time I review something!

Colour: ★★★★☆ The colour is visible in sunlight, and good indoor lighting, and people definitely noticed the eye colour. But the thing is, people only notice if they straight-stare at my face/eyes. And, from a distance, or in average/bad lighting, it's hard to tell. I think this is only b/c I have black eyes (like my iris is the same colour as the pupil -- completely BLACK), so combined with the lens only gave me ocean blue eyes in good lighting, not extremely icy-watery blue eyes.
Comfortableness: ★★★★☆ Just like your normal prescription-from-the-optometrist's lenses. I didn't feel a difference from my average everyday lens. My eyes still got a bit dry at the end of the day; but that happens with my normal lens too. I noticed that the lens would sometimes move in my eye, maybe because my eyes aren't used to them yet, or maybe because my eyes are small? But the lens moves back when I blink, so it's fine. On the second consecutive day I wore it, my eyes stung when I put them on, and I teared up, but I think it was b/c I only got 3 hours of sleep so it was expected. However, there wasn't much discomfort afterwards (and I wore them for ~14 hours), so yay.
Enlargement of Eyes: ★☆☆☆☆ I didn't think it made my eyes look bigger at all. Maybe it was because I didn't wear any heavy eye makeup, or manipulate my eyes using makeup to make them look bigger. I just put in the lenses and walked out of the house, expecting the lenses to make my eyes look bigger by themselves. The lenses just made my iris bigger (the coloured part of the eye) so there was less white, but not my eyes.
Natural-looking: ★★★★☆ I thought it looked pretty natural, given some of the pics of other circle-lens-wearing girls, and that it's a drastic change to my natural eye colour (from black to blue).
Recommend: YES.

Hooray, first proper review of the blog. I think I'll do more, b/c, to be honest, I use a lot of facial products/makeup. I don't have a vast knowledge of makeup, but trust me, my makeup counter is overflowing. Most of it is skin products: acne facial washes (I've tried a TON), moisturizers, pressed powders, blemish treatment gels, toners, masks (I've mentioned some masks in past blogs but never wrote out proper reviews), and the like.

Lately, my skin has been breaking out quite badly. It's all the stress from school, 3 hour sleeps a night, eating yucky oily foods (that taste SO GOOD), and prob working @ Pizza Hut. Anyway, I've switched my skin regimen, trying to eat my greens, and sleeping for 4+ hours (sad, I know), so hopefully my skin clears up. I've been using an arsenal of honey masks, tea tree oil masks, and now I've bought a new clay mask (which I'll probably review next time) to counteract my acne. Ugh, I hate acne. I am seriously so jealous of girls with perfect skin. They must have so much free time b/c they're not constantly battling their skin, i.e. washing it, toning it, putting on masks, concealing it, etc. And they aren't BROKEASS like I am from buying all this acne shit.
This is my skin WITH concealer on (Body Shop's tea tree oil coverstick 02) AND pressed powder (Rimmel). I know, right? Just see me in real life, you'll gasp in horror.

Clear up soon, skin! I beg of you.

Okay, I think I need to get off the comp and get some sleep. I'M STILL SO HUNGRY!

Maybe I'll go downstairs and eat...


ps. Melody is making a birthday mailing list! I think it's pretty cool. Check it out here.
pps. My student council shirt is so comfy and cool! I'm gonna be wearing this and my Grad sweater for a long time to come... Mostly b/c I'm too half-arsed to plan my outfits now, due to the 3 hour sleeps, and also my laziness. But when I'm in uni, I'll definitely wear these out of sheer pride for my school haha.


  1. beauty colour...fantastic eyes!!!

  2. My eyes are also blackish, they used to be an obvious brown when I was little but they changed which is kinda cool.And those lenses look awesome, you should get red ones, or green (I love green eyes) :D

    I wish I had purple lenses. That would be so badass...

    How is it that I'm in university, during finals week, and I'm getting more sleep than you? What kind of crazy Nazi assignments do you DO at your school? IS STALIN YOUR TEACHER?!?!

    ...Sorry, I've been doing a lot of history revision lately. BUTSRSLY. That sucks. :( Sleep! Your skin will love you for it. :)

    ps. TOTES JELZ of your shirt. Coolest school thing I have is a jacket from my band trip that's in our school colors.


    - kyki xx


  4. Thanks for the link ;)

    And your eyes look gorgeousssss. I think they really suit you - it looks so nice contrasted against your black hair and fair skin ! :D

    :-; Ah. My skin has been breaking out tooo - HATEE IT.

  5. Ah, I don't think I could ever rawwwk blue contacts, but you totally do. AND WUUUT?! HOW ARE THEY ONLY COST $15? I'm baffled. Actually, I really couldn't rock them, as I'm naturally blind, so I'd have to pay extra $ to make them perscription-ed. Haha.

    And ahh, my skin's so much worse! But I had my last exam today so WOOHOO. Good skin? Come to me? PLEASE?!


  6. I've always wanted blue lenses but I thought they wouldn't look okay on me, but after reading this I'd love to buy some. It certainly does look very natural!

  7. love love love your blog!
    im following now! :D

  8. I lvoe the color. My skin started to break out like crazy, so I had to be put on doxycycline and it works great. Maybe go to the doctor and try that.


    xo, Jay


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