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Sorry for the unplanned absence. I miss this. Freedom. To have the time to write for myself, for you. Yes, you. Some person halfway across the world or maybe a few provinces -- or cities -- over, reading this right now, having no idea how and/or why you've stumbled across this mishmash of words and images.

I'm so happy people are still interested in what I write, interested in what I'm interested in, and that people have time to devour the online world whole. Say what you will about Internet addiction, but I've learned a lot more while surfing the 'Net than I have in a classroom (I'm not joking). Just by randomly clicking through Wikipedia for about 5 minutes, I have come across Carl Douglas, the "Dragon Lady" stereotype, The World of Suzie Wong, and FOBs (though I knew what a fob was already, okay? I used to be one, so HAH there.)

Anyhoo, how, where, way... I haven't uploaded my outfit pics onto my computer yet, due to HOMEWORK AND SHIT (meaning, "I'm screwed and really shouldn't be blogging right now but I will anyway, because I love you guys! Um, yeah, awkward...") so I'm just gonna write up a DIY for a homemade mask that I enjoy from time to time, yay!

You need:
- plain yogurt
- honey
- lemon
- a bowl
- a knife
- a spoon

You will:
1) Cut the lemon into slices. Squeeze the juice of a lemon slice into the bowl. Put the rest of the lemon into a container, and then put the container into the fridge to keep it fresh.
2) Spoon some honey into the bowl and stir.
3) Spoon some yogurt into the bowl and stir.
4) Apply mask!
5) Relax for about 15 - 30 mins before washing mask off, to let the skin absorb all the nutrients.
6) Wash mask off with warm water and remember to use toner and moisturizer!
(Sometimes the mask may drip, so be prepared and cover yourself with a small towel if necessary, and don't wear your most expensive gown when using this mask ;D)

I love the cool feeling of the yogurt on my face. The honey has antibacterial and healing properties to keep zits at bay and treat them (how awesome, right). Lastly, the lemon juice naturally exfoliates your face and also reduces the look of scars and/or hyperpigmentation of the skin. Use this mask once a week.

See you guys soon... I will be posting a proper blog soon... with outfit pics and e'rything!



  1. This bottle of honey I use for my face (before a shower)got all grainy since I've left it in the bathroom, from the steam. It makes a light little scrub but it just dissolves and it feels amazing on my skin.

    I know scrubs are bad. But this one does no harm :D Sheesh, my acne was TERRIBLE a week ago because of PMS (evil, evil!) and after attacking my face with hydrogen peroxide, moisturizer, and honey, all gone. Mostly. :D

    Oh the Olsens. I forgot about them. Lol

  2. HEY THERE. Welcome back! Kind of! Hopefully! COME ON GURL WHERE ARE YOUUUU?!

    But I know what you mean. Senior year is eating up my life. But with generally exciting things, so I guess I'm okay with it. (Except for Trig Identities. I CANNOT HANDLE IT WHEN WILL I USE THIS IN MY LIFE NEVER LA LA LA)

    Can't wait for outfit posts ehh!

    Random stranger online from across Canada, xx

  3. You've been gone since foreverrr!
    But I likes the DIY home mask thinge. I want to tryyyyyy it <3

  4. Like the DIY^^ will try it out.

  5. mmm, the dish on the top left looks yummy. Too bad I dont have honey, or yogurt or lemons. Hmm, must go grocery shopping. . .

  6. Your too cute!

  7. Love that olsen twin pic! the food looks yummy :) xoxo

  8. U do actually have a super cool blog, and it's cool that individuals actually have the time to share what they are into and what they do in their daily life, it makes others aware of the fact that there are so many interesting people out there in the world which they have never met.

    Call me weird, but I would always be sad whenever I thought about riding the bus and seeing new faces and thinking about the fact that I might not see those faces ever again.

    I'm really good at recognizing faces, so whenever a person would get on a bus and I'd seen them before, I'd think "Hey, that's the woman from yesterday, or that's that dude from yesterday." ... And I'd always be so fascinated by the fact that while life was going on where I lived, it was going on everywhere else on the planet.

    I'm happy there's a blogging world. I don't feel alone in it :P.. hehe


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