major overhaul

I'm definitely thinking of making some changes to my blog. Nothing too immediate or obvious. Maybe a slow buildup of small changes so my lovely readers won't get confused and think I've become somebody completely different.

Not a lot has happened really... Been sleeping at 5 am and waking up at 7 am for school. NOT healthy. I don't even nap anymore. I think I've become superhuman.
Oh, I tried to make a vlog the other day and totally failed. Yup... that one won't be uploaded anytime soon. Unless it's part of a blooper reel series I'm doing.

Some outfit posts. (Sorry for the overload! The pictures just somehow.. accumulated in my camera.)
I love my furtail.

My dad bought me this ugly patched-up hobo bag when he came back from the States. He even got me a (super large) sweater to match! Okay, okay, I still love him for thinking of me and getting me a few gifts, and I actually quite like the bag. The sweater... I will burn later, shhhh. Or maybe pass it down to my younger sis, haha. It'll be like a family.. heirloom type of thing except nobody will want it :P

I went thrifting a lot over the Xmas break and this is a small part of what I got:
1) Blanket-cape-thing, $8.99, Salvation Army
2) Crocodile-skin loafers, $9.99, Value Village
3) Snowflake long sweater, $7.99, Salvation Army
4) Yellow poncho, $9.99, Value Village [I hate this colour on me! I will either dye it or bleach it so I can actually wear it out without looking like I've got jaundice or something]
5) Floral lace cardi, $6.99, Value Village
6) Crazy granny sweater, $9.99, Salvation Army

Some random camwhore pics of me. I also picked up a set of bow clips for my hair at Army and Navy for $1.00/both. I've been wearing them with outfits even though they don't exactly match.
My style is so weird right now. It's a mix of things I want to be (riot grrrl-ist), things I used to hate but now love (scene + ulzzang), and basically I just emulate the "girl-who-sits-in-the-back-of-the-class-wearing-secondhand-clothing-in-bold-garish-colours-and-a-ton-of-black-eyeliner-and-blue-circle-lenses-and-combat-boots" look.
Yup, that's me!

I bought these dark brown combat boots (the ones I wear almost every day now... it's kinda redundant but I never knew just how versatile combat boots were! They go with everything, from lace to silk to cotton to carpet), so I will get you guys a nice photie soon. My sis and my mom have both refused to photograph my full outfit shots (they used to do it every so often), so I do everything myself... and it's kinda hard to photograph a full outfit shot without a tripod, so usually I leave my feet (and the beautiful shoes I'm wearing) out...

Things To Buy:
1) Tripod
2) Sewing machine
along with the stuff mentioned in my Wishlist page.

Really into Bikini Kill right now. I know, I'm like 20 years too late...

love, Mimi


  1. Ah! Rising International bag! I love their stuff. But a lot of it IS pretty fugly XD It's made in nepal :)

  2. Ahhh I love your outfit and style. Even though it's mixex; it makes it more unique and more youuuu! <3 ! Hehe. I think it's cute how your dad knows how to find stuff that you like!!

  3. hey there. i never visited your blog before, and i can't believe the awesomeness i've been missing
    i love your style! and you're sooo pretty.
    thanks for your comment on my blog, you made my day.
    and your blog is seriously AMAZING. following you! :D

  4. Hey deaaar! please get some rest and more sleep cause u look exhausted !!! hope you will have some time to nap finally! xoxo

  5. your outfits look so great on you! It somehow seems you can pull of everything without looking like a try-hard =)
    And I have to say, that your pics are awesome though you don't seem to have a tripod! O.O
    love Asuka

    Love the crazy granny sweater. Please tell me you're gonna keep it til you're 70 and actually wear it. :D

    - kyki xx


  7. Hey gorgeous! : D Got you some awards on my blog!

    Much love <3

  8. love the furtail!

    Great outfits by the way ^_^

  9. Awesome bag, I had to do a double-take just to make sure it wasn't a cat in there.
    I also love combat boots (although I've never worn/owned a pair) probably because they're boots without a high-heel and (as you mentioned) go with everything!

  10. love it :X

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  11. Nice blog!
    I like your outfits!
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  12. toller rucksack! wo hast du den her?:)

  13. lust lust lusting that bag!! Great blog- now following you here, and on bloglovin'


  14. You have fantastic outfits!
    This is a great blog. :)

    Hope we can follow eachother.


  15. can't wait to see the new face of your lovely blog <3

  16. that patched bag that your dad bought you reminds me of what Twilight~:) you know when bella received a patched blanket from her mom i think it's pretty popular~:) so cool!

    I love that squirrel tail keychain:3
    and your pink bow ^^

  17. woow you have really nice blue eyes! o by the way I'm Dara :L xoxo


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