Shinjitsu no uta

1: heart shorts and heart sweater - online; frilly blouse - urban behaviour; gloves - online, bows - army and navy; belt - mom's, bag - thrifted
2: leggings - dress911; crop top - swapmeet; combat boots - thrifted
3: striped shirt (size L) - bluenotes; purple leggings - sirens; black hello kitty bag - china (gifted); braided headband - online

headgear of choice
 Lovin' the braided-hair headband, furry trapper hat, and bows bows bows!!!!!!!!! <- Sorry, is my enthusiasm scaring you? I don't want to creep out my readers, so I will stop shouting emphatically and continue to type up this blog post.

Today, I'm reviewing the Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask. (Woah, that's a mouthful.)
- one jar lasts for 6 months
- makes skin feel tingly and clean
- shrinks pimples
- not too messy once applied

- cost $15
- take a while to dry once applied
- hard to wash off... I waste a lot of water trying to wash the mask off my face
- has a strong smell (some people don't like the smell, but I like it, so hey whatevs)

How I use it: Before using any mask, always wash your face with a cleanser; make sure no traces of makeup is on your face, or dirt, oils, bacteria, whatever. Anyway, I just wash my face (using SpectroJel, purple bottle, right now! It's really good! Anyways..), dry it by dabbing my face with a towel, and then I open the Tea Tree Face Mask jar and apply it with my fingers. I tend to use a lot, but even so, I just began to run out of the mask after 6 months of using it! Let it dry on your face. Usually I let it sit for like an hour, or even two hours, while I'm doing homework, or on the computer. I like it because it doesn't drip or dry really quickly that you're basically just washing your face twice, and that I can multi-task while having the mask on.
After it's dry and your skin doesn't feel so tingly and fresh anymore, wash it off with warm water. This is the tricky part. You don't want to rub too hard, but if you don't rub, the mask won't come all the way off. So this is one of the 'cons' because it takes a longer time to wash off than to apply. After five minutes of gently washing your face, it should come off and you can dab your face lightly with a towel until dry.
Remember to put moisturizer on after! The mask usually makes my skin feel light and clean after, which is great because that's what a mask should do!

Recommend? YES! It's worth the $15, because it lasts so long. It has improved my acne, and it makes my skin feel great! However, everybody's skin is different. But going out and buying this mask won't cost you a fortune, and you should definitely at least try it.

Rating: ★★★★★
(I know it's a high rating, but I feel like it deserves one! However, if I could, I'd probably give it 4 1/2 stars instead of 5, just because of how long it takes to wash off. But it's nothing big because this doesn't harm my skin in any negative way, so it doesn't really matter.)

Hope you found this review helpful!
Next time, I'll probably blog about some of my natural, homemade masks that I also use whenever my skin feels dull, irritated, or bored (no, not my skin... I meant, when I feel bored... nothing like applying a mask to get the blood pumping)! :P
~ ~ ~
I recently won a giveaway hosted by the lovely Emmy Wu. She's a Facebook retailer, and I've bought a pair of cuff earrings from her before! These were the new ones I won: cross cuff earrings. I love them! Thank you, Emmy! You guys should check her out. She ships and does facetrades around Greater Vancouver.

Has anyone noticed how long my blog posts are getting? Like, whoaa...
Maybe it's 'cause I don't usually have time to blog daily so I just cram everything I wanna say into one huge post...
Does this annoy anybody? If it does, please kindly say so in the comments, 'cause I can totally start writing shorter posts and in shorter time intervals too.

Alright, THOUGHT OF THE DAY (sorry another random thing I'm thinking about now):
Inuyasha theme songs are amazing.

Every Heart - BoA

Shinjitsu no uta (Song of truth) - Do as infinity

Shinjitsu no uta is my favourite.

And Kikyo's theme makes me cry:

I think I'm just a nerd. I've liked Inuyasha since I was in grade 8 (it's really the only manga/anime I enjoy, other than Deathnote (OMG GUYS I MUST BLOG ABOUT DEATHNOTE.. LATER..)! And 5 years later, here I am, reading the manga (here currently) over again, instead of studying or doing homework. =_=

Anyway, what do you guys think about Inuyasha? Or anime in general?


  1. lookie you ! miss little indie you!!! ^__^ i love the outfits!! oh and your eyes... are those prescripted? i know it's a funny question cus some aren't prescripted!

  2. I saw some of those combat boots at this store, Sidecca, at the mall. I wanted them SO BADLY. I tried them on, and I needed like a size 9 and a half-10 (I'm usually an 8.5) because they were so tight and by then, they looked huge and clunky :( sadface.

    HOWEVER, I do have some neon pink bootleg doc martins :)

  3. you look so beautifull!i love your flower trouses!

  4. I love your white ruffle blouse! I am obsessed with ruffle blouses lately!

  5. very nice pictures :)

    xoxo S ♥

  6. You look beautifulllll! And I envy your awesome body ! <3 And asifhasoifh I wanna try that tea tree thing cos it helps with acne? I keep getting horrible cases of it latelly urghhaosihfaoishf Dx

    But yeah, NAH. Long posts are cooool! :D <3

  7. your floral leggings rock!
    also loving those earrings you won. cute as.


  8. I enjoy the long posts.(:

    And you NEED to talk about Death Note, lol.

  9. yay! :D i remember watching inuyasha back when i was so young... i stayed up late on fridays just to catch the episode.. even though it freaked me out XD gah.. the characters are so creepy ;-;

    and then just last year i began rereading everything XD from scratch and i loved it. i've finished it already.. in only a month. XD

    have fun XD

  10. oh my goodness, info overload but i seriously want to go to the body shop now

    Bright Green Laces

  11. your shorts are really cute!
    follow my blog? :)


  12. hey twinnie from BC, how are you doing :)

  13. you´re so cute...=P
    beautiful post!

  14. you look cute in this outfit, dear!!
    i like it
    Keep up your good work

    Pinkie Anggia ☺

  15. Love the first outfit especially but all the others as well! GREAT BLOG! FOLLOWED!


  16. super cute blog! love it :)


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  18. adorable blog do you have!

  19. Love the looks!!!!


  20. love the pictures ^^


  21. love the pictures ^^


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