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Well, no offense to non-Canadians or anything, but the Canadian music scene is definitely one of the best, in my opinion. Anything from the Zolas to Said the Whale to Mother Mother to Metric to Hedley to a whole lotta other artists, some of which I have yet to hear; I should get on that, eh.

Just found a site that highlights some Southern Ontario artists, so wanted to share: Southern Souls. Don't be fooled by the sappy name, just click on this link and have a listen (or a few listens, rather, 'cause it's like an assorted platter of music, so you should have a tiny bit of this and that for taste).

The Body Shop "Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner"
Priced at $11.00 CAD + tax. 250 mL.
Excerpt from the Body Shop website:
Best if you want to: Tone your skin with a new "shake to activate" refreshing toner that removes traces of cleanser, make-up and impurities while leaving skin looking matte.

How it works:
-Lemon tea tree and Community Trade tea tree oil from Kenya contain anti-bacterial properties that help fight blemishes and prevent new ones from forming.
-Tamanu oil from Madagascar has a soothing effect and helps to calm irritation and redness.
-Corn starch powder mattifies the skin.
    My rating: ★★★☆☆

    My thoughts:
    This toner claims to purify my skin with the lemon and tea tree oil ingredients, and then mattify my skin with the corn starch. I've been using this toner for about two weeks (my regular astringent ran out so I decided to go out and get this one to try it) and:
    1) My skin doesn't feel purified after use.
    2) This product dries out my skin (when I use it with my regular regimen), which does not look good once makeup is applied.
    Dickinson's Witch Hazel Astringent
    3) It cost twice as much as my regular astringent, Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel ($5.99 from Walmart; picture on the left), comes in half the amount, and has half the benefits (that I've experienced).

    If you're expecting a really awesome toner, then you'll be disappointed. However, if you've been using some crap toner like rubbing alcohol (omg, please don't use rubbing alcohol as a toner; I've heard that some people use it and I really think that's stupid... Alcohol in excessive amounts dries out your skin and should never be used on the entire face!) or even no toner at all, then you can spare $11 CAD to buy the Tea Tree Toner. However, don't expect amazing results.

    I recommend the Dickinson's Astringent 1000x over this toner, not only because Dickinson's is half the price but also because of the benefits of witch hazel for acne/irritated skin. Tea tree oil on the other hand might be too irritating for some acne-prone skin, and usually, acne already causes skin to be more sensitive than usual so to add more irritants onto the skin would make things even worse.

    I expected the Tea Tree Toner to perform a lot better because I raved about the Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask in another post, but the effects (or lack thereof) really let me down.

    More informative posts to come!



    1. Hi thanks for followong our blog its much appreciated we just started and are in need of followers, your blog looks good too, although you have a ffew ha please recomend us to other bloggers :)

    2. Baah! I'm jealous of your blog page, it looks so profesh! I love your banner :D

    3. Just clicked on Southern Souls---UM, OH MY GOD. Gem! Going to proceed to try and listen to everything!

      p.s. Coming to UBC next year--I'm sure you'll get in and we will MOST DEFS go to slam poetry events together! :D It'll be radical. What faculty?

    4. i got the body shop one for one dollar after christmas!! :)

    5. Oh what the hell, I never saw this post up in my dashboard! Anyway, how lame, everyone says tee tree oil is great for your skin. I personally use hydrogen peroxide just where my acne is. But before I put it on, I put on a moisturizer, let it dry, then put on the peroxide only where the acne is and lightly rub for a second. Dries them up, and the moisturizer keeps my skin from getting dry :D Works for me at least. I'm definitely going to dry that witch hazel astringent. I'm currently using foaming face wash and astringent from Biore, and so far it's worked really great! Huge difference from what I used before.

      Anyway, I originally came on here to tell you about these girls I found on youtube who vlog about their thrift store findings and they have a similar style to what you do, so I thought I'd share :D


    6. Thank you for that (the banner)! You have just made my day :D
      I haven't done it yet, although when I have some freetime on my hands I certainly will, fingers crossed it'll work!

    7. hey girl! loved your review- i usually like products like, interesting that it didn't work as well as you would think. hmm!

    8. Really the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a fine example of it.
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    9. I like your blog! I used to use the body shop products all the time, because I worked for them, but then, I just stopped. I didn't really like them that much after I moved on to other products.

      Great blog <3

    10. I also just want to say that I find it incredibly hilarious that you refer to Pizza Hut as "The Hut of Hell" LOL

    11. That looks like a great product, thanks for sharing:)


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