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Oh God, I couldn't sleep... Whenever there's something important to do, I stay up even later than usual. For example, I have to wake up at 9 A.M. today, and was planning to sleep around midnight (so I can get my 9 hours of beauty sleep which I desperately need right now since my skin is just so irritated, and the bags under my eyes have become gigantic.. camping backpacks). Well, now it's 5:30 A.M. and there's no chance of me getting any decent sleep at all, and my entire schedule is off. Meh.

Okay.. hmm, I guess I could complain about the amount of homework that needs to be done still... I could get all stressed out and freaky but I think I'll stay calm for this one night. I'll get stressed tomorrow night instead, after work at least. Looking forward to that. /sarcasm :D

S M O O O T H  T R A N S I T I O N

Just recently met up with one of my oldest friends at Metrotown in Burnaby. I haven't seen her in a while, over a year actually. We became really good friends after I moved to Langley when I was 10, which is weird, because she admitted that while I was at Maywood Elementary in Burnaby, she couldn't stand me. She told me this a few years after the move. Her exact words were "I hated you, hahahahahahahahahaha".

Anyway, I had a miserable Grade 6 year at my new school. I was basically the outcast. There was only one other Chinese girl besides me, but she was also one of the kids who made my life pree crummy. Yadayada boring shit. I'm just glad I had somebody, even cities away, to talk to; to survive with.

I remember calling Nancy every day after school that year so we could watch Teen Titans together, and make commentary to each other as we watched. Good show, good times hahah. And through all this shit, that's what I remember the most, just talking on the phone for hours with her, my bestie.

Oh and the countless bands and graphic websites we'd tried to start (we sucked at both hahaha what? I'm being honest 'kay?). On this recent visit I asked her why we'd wanted so much to be in a band. She said we wanted to be famous. She told me about the lyrics she found in her diary from way back when, and told me she couldn't rhyme at all. I still have a few sheets of our lyrics... Reading over them makes me laugh and cry.

(I still want to be famous though. I didn't say that, but I thought that. Does that make me immature still?)

I thought the visit would be awkward (I had such an awkward visit with another haven't-seen-you-in-a-while-friend and it was the most weirdest meet-up of my life), since we haven't talked in so long, but it wasn't. It was fun to chat and try to get to know each other's "new" lives. I told her she hadn't changed, and she said I didn't change, but I think we both have changed majorly... for the better. She's going to the University of Ottawa, and taking political science! I think that's just fricking amazing.

Compare the Sixth Grade versions of ourselves with our Present versions of ourselves, and it's just like... Wow, we're so different. But not too different that we're unrecognizable to each other...

It's like... Well, we're not exactly mature in any way (yet?). We made some lame jokes here and there and talked about boys too. Okay, we're basically the same, except she's fucking 170+ cm tall now, like a model or something (SO jealous here). And I'm... okay I'm about the same height hahahaha. But like, our tastes in music, in clothing, in friends, in food, in everything... How did we become these people?

I love you Nancy! Sister from another mister. Okay I know you're stalking my blog on and off, don't even try to hide behind this wall of text, I can see you with my X-ray vision. <3

i was starving... had about only 5 bucks to spend on food tho so KFC ftw!
pwetty girl <3

hahahahahaha oh man i actually wanted to buy a hat.. not enough money..
we share a scarf cuz we're cool like that
We parted and it seemed like we'd only started talking; the hours felt like mere minutes. Am I being too sappy here? Good.

The ride home wasn't too bad either. I looked over the pictures we took and LOL'd on the skytrain. Fun stuff... people looking at me like I was on drugs or something. No, I wasn't.
view from the skytrain on the way home; rly love vancouver, city of glass
waiting for the bus, which i happened to miss by 5 mins.. had to wait 45 mins = =

It was a great day and a great night (: Can't wait to see you again, Nancy, my love! (I sound so creepy ahah... AWESOME. ANYWAY. GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY. HOPEFULLY. I WANT SLEEP AUGH.)



  1. good photo) you look great))


  2. your story of the becoming of your friendship is really cute:)
    i love those friendships that don't get awkward even when you've been apart for so long :)
    this made me smile :)

  3. Teeheee
    Lovenote from your on-and-off stalker:

    I seee you XD.
    You make me smile:)

    Nancy :)
    PS. because you made me smile even though I'm buried under HW, here's some extra smilies :) :) :) :)

  4. Wow, that was one of the best comments I ever got, thank you! Although, I am sure you made a serious typo when you compared me to Sylvia Plath so I'm even not gonna thank you for that :)

    I watched that episode of Seinfeld, it was hilarious! But then again, they all are. I thought about that, whether it's possible to have a life like that... I think that show IS about real life, but they took all the funniest parts out of ordinary lives and crammed it all into one show et voila!
    Oh, and Janice, of course. Every time she had to say something I had to turn the volume down, that's how annoying her voice is :S

    That's a quite reasonable list, I agree with everything you said. It's so exhausting do talk to people who believe they have to make jokes all the time. thank god for 'mental mute'.

    Thank you for taking time to write your opinion about that all individual happiness/general happiness thing that's been bugging me lately. It's important to know when it's alright to stop worrying about the rest of the world, I guess...

    About your post, you and Nancy look really cute and it's so great you're still friends. Plus, you have the same haircut! :D

    P.S. I love the new header (and that song) and the cute flowers in the background. I would just make the font of the titles a little smaller. If there's an option for that, I'm not really the computer-type myself :)

  5. wow thanks so much for your long comment .. you made me think about it, all the poverty, aids and everything! btw i love your blog too! i'll follow you ;-)

  6. love reading your tales :)
    it's nice to see that despite the distance you both haven't grown apart...

    eclectic du jour

  7. Am now following and absolutely love your blog! I'm having a Saturday Beauty Blog Hop so we can connect the beauty blogger community. Come check it out!


  8. Hi my name is Monzie,...please feel free to check out my blog.. and if you like my blog id love for us to you to follow each other.



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