so you decided to see me out of the blue / should i let you come over [yuna - decorate]

I hung out with my bestie F. this Saturday (March 19th). We had some sushi, and walked around in the cold. I ate an ice cream sandwich, and froze my butt off at the elementary school playground. I love this girl, seriously. Went to her house and panicked about the supposed "Supermoon" and impending earthquake at 9:30 P.M... which didn't happen, THANK GOD.

I love you, bb <3 You are an amazing friend and gorgeous girl. Don't even give him another thought because if he's worth it, he'll do the right thing.

Can't believe I'm graduating in another three months! How did I become 17 all of a sudden? When did this happen? How am I suddenly an adult? (Well, almost, hahah). This is all so strange to me.

I'm gonna miss a lot of people when I leave this town, that's for sure! Especially Flora <3
But I'm also relieved to finally break off with some people whom I've been meaning to disconnect with for a while now.

Hair Bun Sponge
bought from Mexy Shop (online) for $8.00 CAD.

- it's cheap
- it WORKS
- the retailer ships it quickly (I received my whole package in less than two weeks)

- the fabric is kinda cheap (there are some strings hanging out of the seam)
- no choice of size or patterns (even though the website says I can choose from SMALL or LARGE, there isn't an option to do so, so it automatically checked out the LARGE for me)

My rating: ★★★★☆
If there were a variety of patterns to choose from, different sizes to choose from, and better quality fabric, this product would've received full five stars.

Note: Different retailers/suppliers sell different kinds of bun sponges. Some might be better than others, and some might have more choices than others. Depends on retailer. This review is only for the Mexy Shop hair bun sponge.

(in last photo, wearing Geo Nudy Blue lenses, which I reviewed here)



  1. love the rolls and sushi!

    and you are very nice:)


  2. you look stunning in the photos!
    and the sushi - yum!

    xx cindy

  3. yummy sushi (^^)
    pretty photos :)

  4. Sushi!! I simply adore sushi and that top photo looks scrumcilliumchus!
    I hope you go well when you move!
    I wanted to see the "Supermoon" but it had just rained where I lived and there were clouds everywhere which was a HUGE bummer.

    It's so funny what people can come up with. When you think about the fact that you're soaking up some yuckies and then tying in in her hair it seems disgusting but because it sounds cool and looks cool you want to buy it - I would!

    And I actually really suck at chess but I just love playing it all the time in hopes of getting better. Maybe one day I will end up being the pro master of chess..but first I'll have to beat level 1.

    Those blue lenses look really awesome, if I didn't know you had any then I so would have thought that that was you're natural eye colour!

  5. I love your outfit, you look gorgeous!
    XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
    Check us out & follow @ http://www.shopvpv.com/

  6. That seems handy. I suck at doing my own buns. :(

    Oh gosh, I know I know I KNOW. I am a terrible blogger. :'( Honestly though, I have Zero. Time. to blog in university, which really really sucks. I miss it oodles & boodles.

    I am TRYING to be better, promise!

    - xo, kyki ♥


  7. Nice Blog ...


  8. there's nothing better than a day with a best friend, its probably one of the most therapeutic acts to engage in... other than therapy lol. I love your hair in that bun too, its so sleek and shiny!


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