Sorry to leave you guys on a cliffhanger! This past week was super busy, and I'm going to be even busier because IB exams start in May! But that's no excuse to not blog for nearly two weeks, so I apologize, my lovelies.

Anyway, to answer your burning questions: YES, I went to VFW. My lovely model friend (she could be one, I swear, she's so tall!) agreed to come with, and I am so grateful (: I had fun even though I was exhausted from school and the long rides to Robson and back.

My gorgeous friend, Nancy <3
Some things that we've learned:
1) "Fashion shows never start promptly," to paraphrase a stylish experienced fashion-show-goer lady that Nancy had a chance to talk to. And yup, this one definitely didn't.
2) Everyone is dressed to the TENS. Excluding the photographers, that is, who probably don't really care how they look because they're behind the camera. Everyone else is dressed to the tens. People really want to make a good appearance and get noticed!
3) There will be people who are dressed Lady-Gaga-crazy (as I call it) to either gain media attention, or just to stand out from the crowd, and then people who dress normally. My friend and I were dressed normally, if you were wondering (;
4) All the photographers are clustered together like... a hive of bees at the end of the runway, and only a few brave bees will venture further along the runway to take close pictures of the various outfits. Their cameras were shuttering without pause at nearly 100 km/hr, it seemed!
5) Important people get better spots. I think this one goes unsaid. (Nancy and I were third row, end of runway.)
6) There are age minimums for certain shows... Thank God they didn't check our ID's though, because I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to see the striptease for the last collection of lingerie. But we did. Hahahah
7) Fashion shows are a great place to promote yourself and your company. A couple of people handed us cards, including a girl who's studying fashion design, and a guy who's managing his own photography business.

the cluster of photogs
When we stepped into the Emperor Landmark Hotel and walked downstairs to the venue, we waited almost an hour to get through the doors -- even though we were on the guestlist. Some old guy with a camera rolled his eyes and shook his head at me when I asked the usher "Do we have to wait in line?". I thought the old guy was pretty rude. Everyone else we met were so friendly and approachable, however.

Nancy had a few connections, and we saw one of her school friends at the show, advertising for a brand of fruit juice; we scored 4 bottles of it hahahah. Her friend was dressed in the latest fashions of course, as seen here:
Love the vibrant shades of blue and red, and the bow goes perfectly with the strawberry suit.

photos (c) Nancy Jiang and Sunny Chen
Nancy and I actually met a few models! One of the models stepped out after walking the first collection and sat next to us. Nancy didn't even notice until I pointed it out. I'm a pro-stalker, I guess? And after the show ended, a model took a photo for us. She was so tall, even Nancy looked short standing next to her (;

And it turns out that our photos were more blurry than we expected, so you guys should just take a look at the photos posted by the official photogs at VFW, here!

Our personal favourite collection was Valeria Moda, with the plethora of leather styles and cool geometric, utilitarian garb. Oh and the male models were insanely hot; I never realized how many hot male models were living in Vancouver. (I will post some specific outfits we loved at the show in another post! So stay tuned.)



  1. Oh man. The fruit costumes!
    For some reason I am very amused by the blueberry one.

  2. nice girls;)


  3. Ahhh *-*
    I would love to go to a Fashion show <3 You both look absolutely gorgeousssss !

  4. ahah funny pictures with the costumes!

  5. that is so cool that you got to go to a fashion show! thanks for sharing what you learned..that is so interesting! and, i did ib too! :)


  6. love the costumes haha:)

    xox http://shayprasad.blogspot.com/

  7. Wow. I must say I really love your new layout. It's awesome :) ... It's been a while since I last visited your blog. I love when people have sort of a personal relationship to their blogs, it makes people interested in reading them :).

    I could say I regard my blog as a sister of some sort. A Cyberspace sister who listens :P... haha...

    Cool post. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  8. nice post,,, and the photos still look nice!

  9. That's so cool you got to go to this. Fashion week looks like so much fun. Following you now.

    I have a fashion blog here in California

  10. Sounds like you had a blast at Fashion Week ~
    I'm glad you had fun & your friend Nancy is super gorgeous <3
    iLiked those fruit outfits also, their adorable ~ ! !

  11. you're both wearing such lovely outfits and looking stunning!



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