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My entry (minimized)
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I begged F. to cut my hair again, sigh. She says she'll charge me next time, heheh. I dunno why but I always get blunt front bangs even though I know I'll hate them! I guess I just needed a change... again.

Why I don't like front bangs:
1) My hair is too thin. There's barely enough hair to cover my full forehead...
2) My face is the wrong shape. Having front bangs make my face look too long.
3) It's so much work. I have to constantly brush out my bangs so they don't become stringy and gross-looking, and also shower every day (as opposed showering every other day like I used to). Now I'll have to trim them every few days as well augh.

I guess I just want to look more... edgy.
photo via (unknown)
Or more Asian.
photo via (unknown)
Or more... like Emily the Strange.
photo via themarysue.com
Well, here it is:
I know.. my bangs keep parting argh!
 Alright... so... "hair" is covered. Now onto "outfit".
Leather jacket: (Mom's) H&M; Tulle skirt: Sirens; Floral leggings: Urban Planet

Nothing too spectacular, I know ): I need inspiration!

I went to Vancouver's Ultimate Dance Club last night with a few of my friends. It was alright... We waited in line from 6:50 to 7:40 P.M.; longest line ever. Danced until 11:00 and went home 'cause Andy's mother was calling hahah. The music was terrible! I dunno who the DJ's were but they won't get far into the industry if that's all they're giving. The remixes were really bad. However, one of my coworkers told me that the club plays most of the popular music from midnight to 1 A.M. (closing). Next time, I'll make sure to go a little later so I can stay to 1 A.M. so I'll dance to some better music. Also, since it was ages 14-18, there was no alcohol or anything like that. But there were so many random couples making out... like, everywhere. I would be dancing and there'd be LG's and LB's sucking each other's faces around me O_O Sure you guys are into each other but can you NOT do that on the dance floor?! Nobody wants to see that. Okay, pervs want to see that, but not ME.

Anyhoo... here are some pics (and no, there aren't any of kids making out, you perv) (jk i know pervs don't read my blog, phew):
Thanks for reading (and voting for me), lovelies! Have a great weekend.



  1. That striped thing with the tights is really cute x]

    I cut my bangs blunt, or tried to really. But since I'm blond, my hair strands are SO THIN that they just get staticy and take forever to make straight :( I have enough hair for it, more or less, but they just won't stay; and it tickles. and gets in my eye. Stupid bangs. I've also got a really high forehead, so they just hang down after a few hours.

    So I just settle with the swoop. ><

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  3. your bangs look really cool, maybe try some hair spray and going for the tousled look..? I wouldn't really know, have never had any sort of fringe in my life
    love your outfits as always and I'll def vote for you :D


  4. Your bangs are hot, I love your stripy dress too =D

  5. your bangs are super cute!!

  6. i love the bangs! And, i actually really like the lace with the tutu :)


  7. Great blog and posts!


  8. BANGS are awesome :D (at least for me it is ^^) but I agree with you totally. Putting up full bangs is such a workout. You have to make sure you groom it once in a while it'll look like a mess. Still, it looks gorgeous on you sis! What are you talking about? you're extremely lovely regardless of your hair style and you should know that :D and I must say, your outfits are killer~ ^^ Love it ♥

    ★ L O T S of L O V E from http://theslumberbunny.tk/ ★


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