All my life I've been good til now.

I've been listening to Avril Lavigne's "What the Hell" for the whole day, nonstop... On some odd days, I do enjoy the occasional bubble-gum-riot-pop. And hey, I've listened to Avril Lavigne since.. Grade 5 hahah. Which was, let's see, subtract the five, carry over the 27, divide by pi... seven years ago. Can't believe it. Seven years is... seven fucking years. How did I get so old?

Seems all I do these days is question my age and how I came to be, hahah.

Anyway, I have three more exams to go... one of which I should be studying for! I gotta be up at 7 A.M. today, and knowing me, I'm pushing my bedtime as usual. Probably gonna sleep around 3. #sleepingfail.

Just to let you guys know, I did in fact go to the 50% Off Sale @ Value Village this Monday. However, being the forgetful person I am, I didn't transfer enough money into my chequing account, boohoo. So I could only get half of what I was originally planning to buy. BUT I still got some pretty good shit. Hopefully I'll get around to making a haul post, or even a haul video. I know y'all like 'em vids nowadays.

BTW, a few weeks back, I dragged my bestie F. into Value Village for like the first time, and it's proved to be very beneficial to both her and MOI. She visited the store the next day (without me... I was sleeping kay?! that's very rare for me...) and called me like a million times, and I picked up, and the first thing I hear is "Polaroid camera!" coming from her lips. I shot out of bed and was like "F., where are you?!"

"Four, ninety-nine!"

The words, I could not comprehend.

Then I realized... it was the price. "$4.99!" she repeated. "Value Village! I'm shopping for some home decor, I like those things..." I'd already tuned her out by then. (JKS! ILY, FLOOR!) I told her "Buy it! Buy it!"

And she did.

I didn't wanna walk outside without any makeup, or showering, or.. actual clothes on, so I made her drop it off at the door, like a mystery post(wo)man.


Here 'tis, the Polaroid Sun Land Camera 660:
Needs Polaroid 600 film. Unfortunately, it's been discontinued. HOWEVER, The Impossible Project is selling 'em, and random peeps on Ebay are also selling 'em (expired film though). ALSO, film is like really expensive...PLUS, not too sure if the Polaroid is fully functional... never will know unless I try...

Boots: thrifted @ Value Village; skirt: mom's old; mesh tank: swapped online; denim vest: thrifted @ Salvation Army; crop top: Garage Clothing then DIYed
My baby sister. Not so baby-ish anymore, sure. She's so old. Turned 10(!) three weeks ago.

The following photos are taken by my talented little sister, who made me wait at various intersections so she could take random pictures which turn out to be amazing. I edited it minimally, and some I just changed the sizing, so no special effects nothing:

Thanks for reading once again, lovelies.

Soon it'll be this blog's 2nd year anniversary! I'm thinking... giveaway. But not too sure 'cause that's not special enough. What else can I do? Any suggestions? I made a Lady Gaga music vid last year. I dunno if I should do a vid this year so... anyway, anything goes, give me some suggestions!



  1. Michael Henry & Justin Robinett's version of What the Hell is soooo good. I'M OBSESSED!!!


  2. beautiful skirt <3

    xox http://shayprasad.blogspot.com/

  3. I've listened to her for seven years as well! *high five*
    I like your denim jacket, looks so good paired with the skirt.

  4. Yes! I'm back! Wasn't sure where to comment you back, but here seems good :P
    I need to totally revamp my blog layout and such. I started the new one today just out of nowhere really!

    I freaking love the JustinRobinett version. It's amazing. Only my sister and one other friend (who showed it to me in the first place) think it's as great as I do too! I agree, it's totally crazy! :P

  5. great post, good pictures)

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  6. love the look!


  7. I love your look...


  8. Haha i swear in that video avril lavigne looks reaallly short compared to the basket ball players she doesn't even com up to their shoulders :L <3

  9. That Polaroid camera was such a steal! ♥

    The Cat Hag

  10. i have a polaroid, shocking to find paper!

    cute blog

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    LOVE K


  11. ah wow, i love the pics!
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  12. wo. amazing photos
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  13. love the sheer overlay & occasional bubble gum pop

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  14. love the sheer overlay & occasional bubble gum pop

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  17. I can't believe you don't get enough sleep. I LOVE sleep.
    Anywho, I can see why you'd freak out about that camera, I mean, I myself wouldn't but my sister is obsessed with photography and, uh..those sort of cameras. And at an affordable price too. That's great!
    I love your vest. I've been searching around the Op Shops (second-hand stores) for some but I haven't been able to find any yet, which is a shame.

    Have a great day!

  18. Great blog, nice and cute style , happy to follow here !


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