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Okay so I've been trying to sleep earlier these past few days, and it's just not been working out. Maybe my body will adjust from sleeping at 4 A.M. to sleeping at midnight in another week? But holyshitcrackers, my prom is in 11 days. Wowwwwww.
Back when my skin was nice. AIMING FOR CLEAR SKIN, AWYEAH.
I. Am. So. Excited.

And yes, I do have a prom partner. We're going as friends, and honestly, I'm only doing it for the picture. Wow, that sounds bad for me, but hey I told myself I would have a date for prom when I first entered high school, and so I do.

Anyway, have you guys noticed how everyone around you becomes prettier and prettier over time? That's what I've noticed. Look back at past yearbooks... you'll see what I mean! Or even go on Facebook and check out your friends' profile pics, or albums... They are fricking gorgeous now, right? And back in, say, '06, they were... if not ugly, at least just normal-looking folks. Now they are supermodels. That's how I've been seeing it while stalking some of my friends' past pics. Of course there are those friends who've always been gorgeous (; For me, I was an ugly little thing back in Grade 8. Now I am only slightly less ugly. Hahahahh.

So.. some online shops I've been lovin' as of late:

I am a Nasty Gal. Your mom is as well, oh snap!

I believe that YourEyesLie and your hands do as well.

And, I visited the Scarlet Room.. only to find that it was a shade of fuchsia, not scarlet.

Of course, I can never afford anything from these sites.. like, seriously. So I'm saving up for now. Before the end of the summer, I will have a pair of these Litas, I promise you!
Oh, a bit of bad news, I'm afraid, ol' chums. (Why am I speaking like this? Oh, right, to lessen the thousand tremors of pain that my heart has felt when I received this news.) Sauder has rejected me. They did it ever so nicely, with a letter, as by the standard, and whispered to me softly, "Your grades were not competitive enough" and that I could maybe perhaps "transfer during second- or third-year".


I kid, I kid. I'm not angry, just really disappointed.

Unfortunately, I have to go into Sciences now.. I'm a bit .. reluctant. My mother is thrilled of course. I am not. I'm gonna keep calling the UBC offices and see if they can transfer me into Arts. People around me are going, "Arts is harder to get into than Sciences nowadays?" and I'm forced to say through gritted teeth, "You idiots, no. Sauder was what I was aiming towards. Sciences was my second choice. I don't wanna get sucked into hard classes during first year just so I can transfer into a different faculty during second, SO I'M TRYING TO GET INTO ARTS."

I think I might like Arts enough to stay in it. Plus, the courses just generally appeal to me more than Bio and Chem (yuck!) and I do have a flair for .. writing. Sigh. And my mom says, "How are you gonna get a job with an Arts degree?!" in Mandarin. Hah. Hah. I'll be the next Douglas Coupland.

Female version, duh.

Just finished rereading JPod for the third time. Still made me ROFLOLMAO like mad.

Wait, what am I saying?

If I wanted to aspire to be an author, I should at least choose an author from a different era, an era where a female author was rare, a refined era, an era that did not use the conveniences of (YUCK!) technology for its every whim. (okay well I am relying on technology right now to blog and all, but.. okay fine, so I'm a hypocrite D:)

Yes, okay, I will be the next Virginia Woolf.

I've already mastered the stream-of-consciousness narrative anyhoo.


P.S. Do I sound more sarcastic today than usual? Sorry about that, lovelies. Oh and if you have more suggestions for what I should do for my 2nd Blogversary, please tell me in the comments! Thanks! (I should be a bit more creative than this, shouldn't I? Oh well. My laziness prevails.)


  1. cool shoes and you're cute)

    come in to my blog too; *

  2. bah screw saunder...not that I even know what/where it is haha
    hope you have an AMAZING time at prom and can't wait to see the pictures!
    xx Cin

  3. I hope that you'll have an awesome time at the prom! Remember to enjoy yourself. (Y) On a side note, I think you're pretty - not even 'less ugly' or 'ugly'. xD

  4. I want those shoes! Also what are you wearing to your prommmmm? Are you excited?

    I've missed you and your lovely blog darling, how have you been?

    If you haven't already, check out my new bi-annual online fashion magazine and spread the word:


    Hope you're staying safe and chic dearest!

    English Rose x


  5. aww honey!!!! Join me in arts and transfer next year into sauders. Who know? maybe you'll find something else you'll love to do. :)
    ps. you're lovely
    pps. my skin is still not clear WTF
    ppps. PROM DATE?!! I want photo!!! think I'm gna go with just my girlfriends XD

  6. Keep your head high and don't get discouraged! When one door closes, another opens ^_^

    Come check out my giveaway:

  7. yes everyone gets more and more gorgeous! I guess it's cos of age, right ? I mean, I get jealous of my gorgeous friends now, but before they were so so ...

    cutie XD asian pride
    check out my blog and follow if you want


  8. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming! And those shoooooes! I've been wanting a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes for AGES xD  I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!


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