I've been following Jeph Jacque's webcomic, Questionable Content, for about two years now, and I gotta say I do enjoy catching up on the lives of these twenty-somethings living in Northampton... and I actually get most of the humour (go figure)! His artistic skills have gotten a whole lot better, and watching it evolve was my favourite part of my 24-hour binge on webcomics from the first QC strip to the then current, on a day and night much like this two years ago. Now I just read one comic a day -- excluding weekends since QC is updated only Mon through Fri -- like a normal person! There used to be tons of references to indie music, and that's actually how I got started listening to Deerhoof, i.e. panda panda panda panda pan-panda! I really liked "Milkman", and... let's see what was it... "the Eyebright Bugler", "+81", "Twin Killers" and a bunch more. Can't remember the names right now since it's been about a year since I've listened to Deerhoof.

Awww yeaaahhh. (:

Now for some inspiration. This segment is called Places in Space.
These photos are from the stock-photo site I mentioned in earlier blogs! Fotolia.com, thanks again guys for your free 2-week subscriptions for Soyconfessions readers!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks for reading, lovelies!


P.S. Guess who just graduated?! A small hint: the class of 2011, duh! Pics next post (;


  1. Love all these photoso! So pretty, the colours are amazing =) Ah congrats! I'm graduating later this yr too! Just got my results yday! =)

  2. EEEK. I love these photos. I used to want to be an astronaut. There's something soooo fascinating about space! LOVEEE.

    And woahhh, dude! CONGRATS! (Also, I'm so jealous that you guys got wear those flat hat thingys. I so wanted one!)


  3. I love Russia... One of my dreams ids an hollyday in this country!
    Glamour Marmalade

  4. I love your thirfting tip thing! I'm newly obsessed with kids sections! xLarge cotton dresses are my faaavvv!

    ALSO, in response to your comment, YES I WOULD LOVE TO MEET UP. Ontario is boring ville. I soooo wish I lived in BC and Vancouver region. Vancouver is legitimately my favourite city in all of Canada. (My mom once told me that they were thinking of moving there. But then we decided to live in small town southern Ontario. Yuck. It shattered my heart a little.)


  5. amazing photos! thanks for sharing xD and thx for your sweet comment on my blog too :3

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    These photos are stunning! Everything about them is so mystifying! & Congratulations! :D


  7. that second photo is so awesome. really liking this stock photo site.

  8. Thank You! I'm very happy to be employed! where abouts in Canada are you from? I'm assuming BC because you said 604 in your profile?

    Anywho, I'm in Nanaimo and was job hunting like crazy! You've just really got to track down the employers and make them recognize you, stand out, and put a face to your name. And be persistent! Don't give up :)

  9. i love NY. btw, so nice to have a 1.comment one day after creating the blog. hugs :*

  10. We do like your blog, it's so great, we love your style and the way you express what you think and like :)

    Following you :)

    Follow us back if you like our blog on www.bpeinternational.blogspot.com


  11. amazing photos ! about my headbands I answer you on my blog :)


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