"my aura's yellow like a coward"

Listen to this.

And an update on my skincare routine (:

Items, and approx. pricing:
1. Olive oil, price depends, but CHEAP :D
2. Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, $8
3. Biore Triple Action Astringent (came with sample-sized Biore Pore-unclogging Scrub), $9
4. Oxy Natural Action Oil-absorbing Lotion, $11
5. Benzagel (5% benzoyl peroxide), $6
6. Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer, $10
7. Neutrogena Power Scrub, $9
8. St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub, $4
9. Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Mask, $10

Everything's from Wal-mart.


P.S. Yup... you guessed it. Whoever comments first will get offered the 3rd free 2-week sub to Fotolia! Don't know what I'm talking about? Check it out here.


  1. YAY! First comment.

    It's Friday and I'M SO EXCITED x

  2. Hey! My email is jessfarquhar@hotmail.com WOO YAY! HAPPY FRIDAY IN ADVANCE :P

  3. Damn close again!
    I'm going to have to drop by again and watch this video when I'm not at the library (people like to watch what I'm doing here). My skincare sucks noodles, I blame my fringe. It's secretly evil.

  4. thanks for the video, that was really helpful! We even have some stuff like this here in germany , guess I'll check that out asap =)

  5. I think this might be the first video I'm watching from you :I I don't know why. BUT YOU SOUND SUPER CUTE ! <3

    But ahhhh, thanks for the skincare routine video! I'm so bad at knowing what to use for my skin :/

  6. I know right. D: I had so many projects i was working on. Photoshop stuff, pictures (all back from 2008), downloads, drawings, layout codes, TT TT aiyah. ALL GONE TT TT ;; i decided i shouldn't type up a novel about how frustrated i am on my blog XD

    thanks sunny ! i hope so too. :C

    thanks again. :C i have about .. the intelligence of a box. no big deal. :c

    yess. summer. XD i saw the yearbook ! i was flipping through, and saw, "best dressed" sunny chen. i'm not suprised ~ :3 hohoho ~


  7. good video and tips. it helped me very much.
    I do not think there are such products in Denmark .. but I'll look for them.

    -I really like your blog. it is super cool! if you want you can take it look at my http://zaicoe.blogspot.com/

  8. I just have to start off by saying: I really enjoy the title of this post. It is very intriguing and makes me giggle. NICE WORK. Haha.

    And this video is also splendid! You are super wise. I also enjoyed your Value Village video (just saying) because, you know, VALUE VILLAGE IS OBVIOUSLY THE BEST (just saying).


  9. nice work .. ilove your post .. thanks for sharing this one ..

  10. hi im a new follower. thanks for the video. now i wanna slather olive oil on my face. keke ~

  11. Nice video! :)

    - Sofie Louise


  12. such a helpful video !
    thanks :)

    xox http://shayprasad.blogspot.com/


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