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Dear lovelies, you have been so good to me. Thank you for sticking by me through my rants and ramblings, and thanks for having the courage to say to me: "Stop whining, deal with it, move on". The blogging community is expanding, and will forever be expanding, and I hope that every blogger will get to experience the close and comfortable connection between them and their fellow bloggers. Honestly, blogging has opened my eyes: to fashion, art, to movies and books I haven't watched or read, to the secret lives of many people, to dreams, to goals, to careers and what they entail, and to the different ways of living. Some bloggers write about what they want, what they wish they could obtain, and who they look up to. Other bloggers write about their day, with snapshots of outfits, of friends, of smiles. There are so many different ways to blog. I hope you all find your own way.

When I started Soyconfessions almost two years ago, I had no clue whatsoever what "blogging" really meant.

Well, it means "knowing what to write before clicking on that 'New Post' button in my Blogger dashboard" and "taking pictures every minute of every day, hoping at least one of them will be useful in a post". It also means "writing comments to reply to fellow bloggers... lots of them".

These things may be annoying, it may consume most of my day, but I do enjoy it. I love being able to write freely, to document my life, and to receive feedback on it. I feel so... plugged in. To the world.

I love reading blogs. Commenting just comes afterwards naturally. I never feel obligated to comment. I never feel pressured to "follow" a blog. I follow blogs I love, and I will forever follow blogs I love.

Sometimes my tastes change. But I will always make an effort to return to an old friend's blog, and give them feedback on what they write.

I just want to thank you guys. I'm not The Perfect Bloggerette. My interests and my personality may clash with yours, and you may not like the way I write. But I do hope I have contributed a small part to the Blogosphere... a tiny part at least? (:

So... My nose is pierced! So is my cartilage. I might go to a place downtown and get my tongue pierced. Who knows?
Outfit post soon! And a lot of you guys were wondering how I made my animated GIFs! I'll blog about that as well in the next post!

I'm headed to the Summer Live Music Festival today, held at Stanley Park. Will be there from noon to 11 P.M.! Erm, prepare for lots of pictures?

P.S. Have you entered the $25 giveaway to Apothica.com yet?!


  1. what a nice post =) but you are right, though I don't blog as long as you do, it really made me more open minded and introduced me to so many new things, I'm thankful for that =)
    That video of you is so cute hehe That piercing looks amazing on you and it fit you so good, same goes for the ear piercings (I love those, sadly I took mine out, because it never really healed -.-)
    And if you are brave enough to pierce your tongue (I'm waaaay to scared) that would be awesome ^_^
    Looking forward to your next posts =)

  2. wow your blog is awesome! by the way let's be friend and follow each other..well exchange link will be nice! :) if u put my link, I make sure I'll do the same :) :0

  3. What a really touching post.
    iMean everything you said here is 100% true ~ & Its really wonderful you have got all of this in your two years of blogging.
    & Woah, nice piercing.
    Have fun at the festival. <3

  4. YAY FABULOUS POST! You're a superb blogger and I am happy that you are one of my virtual blogging buddies. AWWW.

    And I know what you mean. Blogging is so freaking time consuming -- but it's also super wonderful to be able to express yourself, meet people, etc...

    Never stop blogging my friend!


  5. Yay! Can't believe you finally did it! It looks great ad really suits you :D
    And also, it's not really sticking by your rants and ramblings...it's more like eagerly awaiting your updates! I really do enjoy reading everything you post, be it just a few pictures in the middle of the week or a super long post or a review for a product I can't get here in Australia >:| haha
    Have fun at the festival! :D

    xx Cindy

  6. :)

    i've done this apotica on fb so don't worry.

    why the nose?aaa i'm afraid of nose piercing:P

  7. It really fits you a lot :)

    Kisses from www.bpeinternational.blogspot.com


  8. I’m extremely inspired with your writing abilities as smartly with the structure for your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to peer a nice blog like this one nowadays..

  9. love LOVE your blog, soo cute.

    defiantly following you.

    follow me if you like? x


  10. Oh you're brave to have your nose pierced. I havent even got my ears pierced because im SO scared! :)


  11. I love blogging. I bless the first day I posted, and darling Nabilah commented. She inspired me.
    I love your blog. It is way too cute!! I pierced my nose last year. It hurt so much in the shower, I had to take it out...I want it done again though. :)

    Darling, my sisters and I were enemies when we were little. ha. We grew closer with age. Trust me, you and your sister will come to be best friends soon. :)


  12. "These things may be annoying, it may consume most of my day, but I do enjoy it. I love being able to write freely, to document my life, and to receive feedback on it. I feel so... plugged in. To the world."

    I totally agree with that statement :)

    Blogging has opened my life to a lot of new ideas and relationships, I'm so glad I made it my hobby.


  13. I hardly ever comment on blogs as of late as I've been so busy I hardly get to read D:
    I love reading comments on my blog, so I've decided to start returning the favour ;)

    I've always kinda wanted my nose pierced.
    I am definitely going to get my cartilage done at some point.. did it hurt? xx

  14. So true. About blogging definitely..
    I love tht last picture, so cute.


  15. That's awesome that you got your nose pierced! I've always loved how it looked on people :)

  16. I pretty much started out blogging just like you did. When I look back at my older posts now and re-read them I just cringe. I think I was trying just too hard to appear like this cool, sofisticated punk chick (I am anything but cool, sofisticated punk chick) instead of just being myself. (aka, embrasing my nerdy side). I think being yourself and letting yourself show through your posts and comments is really needed in the blogosphere (I love saying that word: blogospere. It makes it sound like I belong), I remember NEVER posting and when I did I'd write something drab.

    But I love that, and looking back and seeing how much my writing style and I have changed. Change is good. Like your nose peirce! When I first saw the video I thought you had done it yourself (facepalm). I want to get a row of piercings up my left ear, but I haven't been game enough yet.

    Maybe one day.

  17. Omg congrats on the piercing! I was too terrified to watch the video, but yay for you!

    Awww and I love what you say about replying comments and feeling plugged in... I feel ya!

    (Also, I was reading your about me page and the waffle question made me LOL.)

  18. Ah, you're so right... I love the blogging community!

    (and darn, I wouldn't have the guts to get anything but my ears pierced. It looks good on you though!!)

  19. lol exciting stuff, i remember when I had my eyebrows pierced, old days...i'm glad those are over and done with!


  20. One day your going to walk by a magnet and your head is going to get stuck. Don't worry, I'll probably be joining you. <3

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL, have fun being a head of holes :) <3


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